Treat yo’self to a cute phone holder that’s practical and pretty

Basically, aesthetically pleasing phone stands that you need in your life

Cute phone holder

by Lily Anderson |

Now we’re spending more time at home, are you finding that you’re watching more entertainment online than ever before? Because same. Whether it’s binge-watching that new series on Netflix, checking out the latest TikTok dances or seeing how to bake banana bread on YouTube, our screen time is pretty high.

During this lockdown, we’ve stopped limiting how much time we spend on our phones because that’s what is keeping us connected to the world more. If you’re like us, you’ve probably not seen family members for the last ten weeks or more (unless you live with them), so you’re probably using Facetime or Zoom to call your loved ones.

After the third call of the day, you’re probably getting arm ache – don’t worry, we’ve all been there. To stop this from happening, you should invest in a cute phone holder. This will allow you to chat with your friends and family for hours.

Our fave thing about a phone holder is that it stops us from getting neck ache. Because we’ve spent the last hour leaning over our mobiles saying things like, ‘you’re breaking up’ and ‘we can only see your forehead’ 😂😂😂.

As there are quite a few different phone holders available online, you can make sure that you match yours to a particular aesthetic. If you’re going to commit to buying something, you might as go the whole way, right? These are all the cute phone holders that you should treat yourself to right now.

CHECK OUT: these cute phone holders that are practical and pretty

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