Introducing all the UGG slipper dupes we will be wearing for the foreseeable

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by Caitlin Casey |

Okay, if you're anything like us, you were probably NOT expecting Ugg to be back in style for AW22. The truth is, they're totally back and we can't get enough of the trend, ESPECIALLY the mini boots. Question is- can you get a UGG slipper dupe for a fraction of the cost of the real deal? Answer- yes.

From collecting loungewear sets to binge-watching the new series of The Crown, sad girl autumn is really here and we are thriving in hibernation. Truth is, we've stocked up on our fluffy socks and dressing gowns and now we want a pair of UGGs too. The problem? We don't want to fork out tonnes of money (and we're a sucker for a bargain).

If you're in the same boat, say hello to the newest addition to your stay-at-home wardrobe: these £25 mini boot slipper dupes which could honestly pass as UGGs.

The UGG pair currently retails at £155, which means a pair from EGO will save you a over very generous 130 English pounds. Oh, go on then.

Sorry, but imagine gliding around your house in a pair of fluffy sliders? Literally what our WFH dreams are made of. Okay, we'll admit: we're likely to wear them out too, seeing as they're SO fashionable.

From pairing with your favourite high-waisted joggers to your err-day dressing gown, the slippers will last you all year round. Brb, off to collect them all.

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Here's where to get the best dupes for UGG slippers

EGO Ultra Mini Ankle Length Faux Fur Lining Boots In Khaki Faux Suede
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These UGG ultra mini dupes are only a mere £25 on EGO - ermmmm a £120 off the actual UGG slippers? We'll take the dupe. Also available in black, grey and dark brown on EGO.

EGO Pumpkin Platform Sole Faux Fur Lining Ultra Mini Ankle Boot In Chestnut Faux Suede
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Another HUGE trend with UGGs this year has been the ultra-mini with platform sole - who could have ever predicted that? Luckily, EGO has us covered with another choice for just £40.

Public Desire Flurry Chestnut Brown Faux Suede Ultra Mini Ankle Boots
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CREDIT: Public Desire

Want a cheaper choice from the platform UGG mini boots? Public Desire does a choice for £24.99. What a steal.

Public Desire Tamsin Tan Faux Suede Embroidered Slipper Boots
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CREDIT: public desire

From Gigi Hadid to Selena Gomez, loads of celebs have fallen in love with the Tamsin slipper UGGs. This Public Desire set is verrrryyyyyyy similar, so we can't really say no. Obvs. Also in black.

Womens Slipper Memory Foam Fluffy Slip-on Slippers
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CREDIT: amazon

Is there such a thing as more iconique than the classic fluffy Suedette slippers from UGGs? We think not. If you're genuinely looking for a cosy slipper that's chic, this dupe is a hit.

Public Desire Cosy Cream Faux Suede Platform Slider Slipper
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CREDIT: public desire

Public Desire has, yet again, another fab dupe for these extra cosy slippers. Obsessed.

M&S Suede Stain Resistant Faux Fur Lining Boots
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M&S is also getting involved in the UGG dupe action with this option - a hot take on the original UGG boot.

Boux Avenue Pearl suedette mule slippers - Tan
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CREDIT: boux avenue

Even Boux Avenue has its take on the UGG Suedette - these with a glam pearl feature. So cute.

Jack Wills Mule Slippers
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CREDIT: jack wills

Jack Will's choice of fluffy slippers is actually super affordable, coming in at a mere £20. Jack Wills, who?

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