Your lockdown WFH outfit says more about you than you think

Camera not working? We know you're wearing a bathrobe, Jennifer.

Lockdown outfit

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It's now been almost two months since the UK went into lockdown, and even longer since most of us have sat at our regular desksand moaned over the state of the office kitchen with a colleague.

Remember when you used to spend forty minutes of your precious morning unceremoniously wedged between a Tube door and a stranger's sweaty armpit? We never thought we'd be nostalgic for those days, but here we are.

As we head into week eight (yes, WEEK EIGHT) of the new normal and find ourselves on yet another bloody Zoom call, it's becoming apparent that not all WFHdrobes were created equally.

We all have the colleague who insists on wearing a shirt and tie (just what are you trying to prove?) and the one whose camera mysteriously stopped working sometime in early April and has you questioning whether they've abandoned the notion of trousers altogether.

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Business as usual

At the beginning of each new week I make a series of promises to myself. I'll get out of bed at an hour I've not yet achieved since the Before Times. I will attempt to do something productive with my "commute". And I will, if nothing else, wear proper grown up clothes to "work". Reader, I am yet to succeed.

Instead once a week I ceremoniously try on my jeans and am so thrilled they still fit that I reward myself with a packet of crisps.

Yet there are people who are still getting dressed, get this, like they're going into an actual office. They have not abandoned all garments with a waistband or declared the bra dead. They just get up, get dressed, and shuffle on over to their makeshift desk to wow their colleagues with their blown out hair and all round togetherness.

Business up top, party down below

Mark in sales might look like he has it all together. Nice, crisp shirt. No sign of bed hair. But you just know that if he stood up mid-Zoom it would be all boxer shorts and slippers.

In many cases Mark started out with the best of intentions. But somewhere along the line he decided the bare minimum would do. From the waist up, Mark's all about the client meeting he has in thirty minutes and asking for your feedback on his latest pitch deck. But waist down you just know he's just dying to get back to playing Animal Crossing.


The best WFH tops

Dolman-sleeved top1 of 11

Dolman-sleeved top

This relaxed long-sleeve top looks waaay more spenny than it really is.

Topshop2 of 11
CREDIT: Topshop

Blush Pink Ruched Top

It's all in the details with this blush pink top.

Knitted3 of 11
CREDIT: In The Style

Lorna Luxe Blush Knitted Jumper

Technically a jumper, but we couldn't resist including this beaut blush knit, which is also very video meeting friendly.

Short cotton top4 of 11

Short cotton top

Simple and chic, we love the neckline on this H&M top.

Drop Shoulder Waffle Knit Ruffle Hem Tee5 of 11

Drop Shoulder Waffle Knit Ruffle Hem Tee

Channel Downton Abbey vibes on a budget with this very wearable top. A wardrobe staple.

PrettyLittleThing basic plunge peplum top6 of 11

PrettyLittleThing basic plunge peplum top

A hella-cute Zoom-worthy top that will go with everything.

White Cotton Casual Shirt7 of 11
CREDIT: Topshop

White Cotton Casual Shirt

Everyone needs an oversized white shirt in their wardrobe. This is an absolute steal from Topshop.


Ruffled Top

A great offering from Zara (we didn't expect any less, tbh).

Ruffle cropped top9 of 11

Ruffle cropped top

Victorian necklines are a big '20 thing and we love the drama on this Mango tee.

Silk cru00eape top10 of 11

Silk crêpe top

If you like to keep things simple, you will love this luxe crepe top.

White Embroidered Shirt11 of 11
CREDIT: Topshop

White Embroidered Shirt

A puff sleeve always makes you look a lil more dressed up. Perfect for important video calls.

Athleisure is the answer to everything

The athleisure wearer is in a constant state of self optimisation. A virtual Yoga class in her lunch break? Sourdough starter to feed? Learning to speak Russian on Duolingo? Running a half marathon in her tiny garden? She does it all.

By rough estimations, the athleisure wearer is about one week away from learning to thread her own eyebrows and enlisting her partner to dye her roots. She might be hyper productive, but she also values comfort. Why wear heels when you've got trainers? Why not invest that pair of Lululemons you've always wanted when, given the current cost per wear calculations, they're practically free?

Loungewear is the new black

There's always one person who, come the team catch up at 9am on a Monday morning, claims they're experiencing "technical difficulties". We know you're wearing a bathrobe, Jennifer.

The first thing this person did when lockdown was announced was Google "best loungewear sets" and, well, they never looked back. Sure, it might not be the most professional of looks to be serving during your weekly 1:1, but these are unprecedented times. If you need a comfy two piece and some fluffy socks to get through it, who is your boss to judge?


The best loungewear co-ords

Women'secret velour pearl detail loungewear set in green1 of 9

Women'secret velour pearl detail loungewear set in green

Upgrade your basics with this boujee co-ord set from ASOS.

Shein2 of 9

Striped tee and trouser set

Bring comfort to your err-day routine with this cosy set. Dreamy.

grey co ord t shirt and jogger set3 of 9
CREDIT: Missguided

Grey co-ord t shirt and jogger set

A grey loungewear set basically counts as essential.

Topshop4 of 9
CREDIT: Topshop

Ecru peached jersey loungewear set

Kick back and relax in this oh-so soft peach tracksuit.

ASOS DESIGN lounge acid wash sweat & jogger set5 of 9

ASOS DESIGN lounge acid wash sweat & jogger set

Acid wash is a huge trend right now and this set is a huge contender for our shopping basket.

Nasty Gal6 of 9
CREDIT: Nasty Gal

High-waisted loungewear set

This ribbed knit loungewear set is almost too nice to keep on, but trust us, you deserve to look and feel great ud83dudc4f.

camel waffle loungewear set7 of 9
CREDIT: Missguided

Camel waffle loungewear set

Channel your inner Kylie Jenner with this dreamy nude co-ord. We'll take five, please.

HURRY! 99p DELIVERY  ENDS SOON   Watch Video Long Sleeve V-Neck Lounge Set8 of 9
CREDIT: I Saw It First

Long sleeve v-neck lounge set

Play it safe with this off-the-shoulder co-ord.

Grape co-ord9 of 9

Broadway set grape co-ord

A little more spenny, but it's made from super-soft fabric that's perfect for lounging in. Celeb fans include Dani Dyer, Billie Faiers and Ferne McCann.

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Florals? For Spring?

I've thought long and hard about the small things that will bring me joy post lockdown, and there's not much I wouldn't do to have my arms stuck in a floral dress in a fitting rooms again. The fear. The panic. The sheer relief when you manage to extract yourself from an inexplicably tiny garment without needing to call for assistance.

For many of us, particularly those of us who bought that Zara dress in every available print last year, it feels particularly devastating to have a wardrobe full of Spring midi-dresses (and yes, florals for Spring can still be groundbreaking) and nowhere to wear them.

So sometimes you just have to embrace that look good, feel good mentality. After all, you've got that cocktail making class on Zoom to get to once you clock off.

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Niche things to do while self-isolating:

Sort out your sock drawer: come on, there's no excuse. Get yourself a few drawer dividers and they will CHANGE your life.

Mix up your WFH lunch: we, personally, are hankering for a panini maker... the dream, right?

Listen to a great podcast: if you're bored of your old playlists on your daily walk, may we recommend listening to a podcast? Time will FLY by.

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