9 boujee pancake kits to enjoy on Shrove Tuesday and beyond

Because pancakes are a way of life

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Oh, hi there, February. The month which starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. The month that brings us one step closer to normality. The month dedicated to love and, more importantly, pancakes.

Sure, pancakes have been around for eternity, but if TikTokis to be believed, pancakes are lockdown 3.0's answer to banana bread. Little disks of floury, eggy joy and we can't get enough here at heat HQ.

Whether you like yours fluffy, thin or jam-packed with protein, pancakes are reigning supreme right now and there's no better time to invest in some fancy-shmancy pancake kits.

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Best pancake kits 2021

Limited Edition Pancake Mix And Whisk Gift Set1 of 9

Limited Edition Pancake Mix And Whisk Gift Set

A cute gift box to cheer up a pal or make your Pancake Day plans proper fancy. The box contains a gourmet pancake mix (choose from Rocky Road to Toffee Apple) and a stainless steel whisk.

Myprotein Pancake Bundle2 of 9
CREDIT: Myprotein

Myprotein Pancake Bundle

Combining MyProtein's delish pancake mix, with it's sugar-free syrup and huge tub of peanut butter - this bargain bundle has everything you need to make delicious, yet healthy pancakes.

pancake3 of 9

Joe & Seph's Ultimate Pancake Kit

Featuring Creative Nature's Fluffy Pancake Mix, Joe & Seph's two best-selling Caramel Sauces and a swanky bamboo spatula. Oh, go on then.

Gourmet Pancake Mix4 of 9

Gourmet Pancake Mix

Support small businesses with these yummy pancake mixes, with flavours including Rocky Road, Cherry/Dark Choc and Apple Crumble.

protein5 of 9

Protein Pancake Mix

Easy-to-make pancakes which packs a mighty 36 grams of protein per serving. Perfect if you're after a satisfying and balanced snack/meal.

Collagen6 of 9

Collagen Pancake Mix

Collagen supplements are having a moment, with even Jennifer Aniston admitting she takes it with her coffee. A delicious way to help fuel your skin health.

Pancake Day Bundle7 of 9

Pancake Day Bundle

If you're looking for a low calorie alternative this Pancake Day, you'll love Skinny Food's bargain bundle. It contains two pancake mixes, chocolate spread, maple syrup and golden syrup - all lower calorie without compromising taste.

Triple Chocolate Gourmet Pancake Mix8 of 9

Triple Chocolate Gourmet Pancake Mix

A delicious triple chocolate pancake mix that will go down an absolute treat. The cute packaging means it's great for gifting, too.

Pancake Day Meal Kit9 of 9

Pancake Day Meal Kit

If you prefer your pancakes a little more homemade, you can now get all the ingredients you need delivered to your door. Choose from three flavours: Classic American, Lemon & Sugar or Salted Caramel & Banana.

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What your pancake topping of choice says about you:

Lemon and sugar: You are chic, nonchalant and exclusively wear Weekday tracksuits. Your morning make-up routine consists of 'a bit of concealer and lip balm' much to the envy of everyone else.

Heaps of Nutella: You're very much a glass half full kinda person and your friends are hella grateful for your sunshine personality. You binged Bridgeton (in a weekend!), organise Zoom quizzes and constantly cheer up loved ones with surprise gifts. Aw.

Yoghurt and berries: You see lockdown as an opportunity for self-improvement and have bought an unjustified amount of loungewearand gym clothes. Most likely to be up at 7am doing Yoga With Adriene.

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