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We don't want to start on a glum note, but it's 1) January 2) approximately -12932 degrees outside 3) another national lockdown and everything feels a little bleak.

That's why instead of pledging to transform ourselves into brand new shiny humans, we are focusing on the little things and being kind to ourselves in 2021.

Want to run a marathon? Great! World domination? Great! Want to focus on getting through each day without combusting into tears? Also great!

Now we're not saying you need to splash out on wellness and fitness products to be healthier or happier, but if you want to feel better in yourself it definitely wouldn't hurt giving the below a little try. Investing in yourself and your wellbeing can ensure you feel waaay more positive.

From mega-healthy ginger shots for your immune system to essentially, SQUASH protein, here are some wellness-y bits that will add a little sparkle to January.

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Best health and fitness buys

70ml x 15 shots1 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Zinger Organic ginger shot (70ml x 15 shots)

There's nothing quite like a spicy ginger shot to make you feel alive in the mornings. This pack from Amazon is really great value, too.

Krissy Cela book2 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Do This for You: How to Be a Strong Woman from the Inside Out

YouTuber and co-founder of the Tone and Sculpt app Krissy Cela has released her own book which is perfect for anyone on a fitness journey or who wants to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. A must-have read for 2021.

Clear Whey Isolate3 of 19
CREDIT: My Protein

Clear Whey Isolate

If you hate the taste of milky protein shakes or simply fancy a switch up, you absolutely need to try the Clear Whey from MyProtein. It tastes like squash and each serving packs 20 grams of protein. Delish.

Tala4 of 19

Skinluxe™ Leggings in Copper

Tala's latest collection Skinluxe does exactly what it says on the tin - an easy-breezy, comfortable material that also feels hella expensive. We're huge fans of the new copper and cedar colourways, too. Shop the matching bra here.

motion5 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Motion Nutrition Unplug

If you struggle with falling asleep, you may find Motion Nutrition's Unplug tablets do just the trick. The supplement promotes sweet dreams and a calm mind. We personally noticed a huge difference in the morning and are converts.

The Main Squeeze Band6 of 19
CREDIT: Shreddy

The Main Squeeze Band

Add some serious resistance into your leg workouts with a good ol' band. We love the Shreddy bands as they're easy to use and really great quality. Prepare to feel the BURN.

The 6-Minute Diary7 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

The 6-Minute Diary

Writing down you're gratitudes each day can really help you feel more positive about life. We adore this diary which encourages you to take just six minutes out of your day to reflect.

Hairburst Biotin Chewable Hair Vitamins8 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Hairburst Biotin Chewable Hair Vitamins

Lockdown is a good opportunity to get your hair in tip-top condition. If you're after some serious hair growth, it's time to take a Biotin supplement. We love the chewy tablets from Hairburst.

Russell Hobbs 24702 Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender with Electric Whisk and Vegetable Chopper Attachments,9 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Russell Hobbs 24702 Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender with Electric Whisk and Vegetable Chopper Attachments

If you are cooking delicious and healthy food from scratch, this hand blender will soon become your BFF. From expertly chopping veggies to blitzing smoothies, it's complete gold.

Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle10 of 19
CREDIT: Lululemon

Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle

A very 'gram-friendly water bottle that will encourage you to drink more h20. What's more, it's now in the sale!

Gymshark11 of 19
CREDIT: Gymshark

Adapt Camo Leggings

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new pair of gym leggings. This Camo pair by Gymshark are not only insanely flattering but also feels comfortable when working out.

Innermost Fit Protein Powder Vanilla12 of 19

Innermost Fit Protein Powder Vanilla

A delicious protein powder that can be used in porridge, pancakes and of course a post-workout shake.

Aguulp for Gut13 of 19
CREDIT: Aguulp

Aguulp for Gut

Professor Green has launched his own gut health supplements after finding they revolutionised his health and wellbeing. Each sachet contains a powerful blend of soluble fibre, prebiotics (Inulin, GOS, FOS), vitamins and amino-acids.

Meal Prep Containers14 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

Meal Prep Containers

Prepping your lunches for the week not only saves you time and money, but also is hella convenient. Lunch breaks are short enough without having to source a healthy lunch too.

guac15 of 19

Holy Moly Guacamole (pack of five)

If you like avocado toast but hate the admin, or simply want a nutritious dip for your crisps (balance), you'll adore these ready-made avocado packs by Holy Moly.

veg16 of 19

Juice PLUS+ Fruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules

In an ideal world, you'd get all your micronutrients from fruit and veg, but that's not always realistic. Enter Juice Plus, a supplement which helps bridge the gap and is bursting with essential vitamins and minerals

ASOS17 of 19

4505 Yoga Mat

A good mat is the unsung hero of your gym kit. Because nobody has time for painful crunches on the floor!

plenish18 of 19

Plenish Juice Cleanse

Whether you want to reap the benefits of a juice cleanse or simply want an array of healthy juices in your fridge to sip on through our the day, you'll adore Plenish.

Joe Wicks19 of 19
CREDIT: Amazon

30 Day Kick Start Plan: 100 Delicious Recipes with Energy Boosting Workouts

Joe Wicks and lockdown go together like Michael Bublé and Christmas. This jam-packed book is filled with fun workout ideas, delicious recipes and more.

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Non-rubbish New Year's Resolutions to make in 2021:

Starting the year in a global pandemic means that we don't even have the energy to pretend to be a shiny new person for the first few weeks of January. Getting through each day is enough to contend with right now, thank you very much. However, there is nothing wrong with setting goals and challenges to help you feel more balanced, happier and all-round zen for the year ahead. Here are some resolutions that absolutely don't involve running a marathon or waking up at 5am...

1) Start a new hobby: whether it's pottery or baking bread, now is the time to make the most of your free weekends and quiet evenings. Anything that gets us off our phone for a bit, gets a yes from us.

2) Make your bed first thing: a tidy bedroom equals a tidy brain, people. It will take you less than a minute and will help you feel more... y'know, together.

3) Invest more in friendships: the pandemic has meant we've felt more alone than ever before. Remember second and third-tier friends? Send WhatsApp messages, forward memes and even make their day with a thoughtful letterbox gift. Ah, we feel better already.

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