13 gym bag essentials to help you get the most out of every workout

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gym bag essentials

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If you're feeling like you're in a bit of a rut, switching up your gym game can make all the difference.

From trying a different fitness app to treating yo'self to a matching co-ord, there are lots of things you can do to get yourself in the right mindset. One being ensuring you have all essentials you need on gym day.

Of course, you don't need to spend loads of money on fancy gadgets and equipment to see results, but investing in your fitness journey will help you achieve the most out of your session.

Health is wealth, after all.

So, if you're fed up of home workouts and desperate to get back to the gym (hiya, 12th April), here are the glorious accessories, kit and supplements to know about.

From aiding muscle repair to keeping a few hair bobbles handy, here are all the essentials to pack in your gym bag.

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Gym bag essentials

PUMA Challenger Duffel S Sportsbag1 of 13

A gym bag

We love... PUMA Challenger Duffel Sports BagLet's start with the obvious. You need a gym bag to lug around all your kit. We love this Puma offering from Amazon which is an absolute vibe.

Airpods2 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

Wireless earphones

We love... AirPodsWireless earphones mean you can squat, lunge and deadlift without an annoying wire getting in your way. Don't even get us started on where we're supposed to place our phone? Honestly. Wireless earphones are life-changing.

Gymshark3 of 13
CREDIT: Gymshark

A resistance band

We love... Resistance Bands by GymsharkResistance bands are a must-have accessory for leg day. They help add resistance to many exercises including squats and glute bridges and also help warm up/activate your glute muscles. Feel the burn. ud83dudd25

Protein powder4 of 13
CREDIT: MyProtein

Protein powder

We love... Clear Whey Isolate by MyProteinA protein-rich diet will help aid muscle growth and recovery and a sure fire way to hit your goals is by having a protein shake. They don't have to be of the milky variety either. Introducing Clear Whey Isolate which is availble in flavours Peach Tea, Rainbow Candy and Mojito - plus many more.

vegan protein5 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

Vegan protein powder

We love... Vegan Protein Powder by The Vegan Supplement StoreIf you're looking for a dairy-free alternative, this packs 22g of plant protein per serving and tastes delicious.

A fitness tracker6 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

A fitness tracker

We love... Fitbit Versa Lite smart watch in whiteTrack your workouts and motivate yourself to go the extra mile, with a handy fitness tracker. It helps monitor your sleep, heart rate, steps and activity levels.

A water bottle7 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

A water bottle

We love... BOTTLED JOY Water Bottle with StrawWe love this sleek water bottle which encourages you to drink more water. A built-in straw is an absolute must.

An extra pair of socks8 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

An extra pair of socks

We love... 6 x Ladies Short Trainer Sport Socks An extra pair of socks because everyone knows the pain of rewearing wet socks.

A padlock9 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

A padlock

We love... BeskooHome combination padlock (two pack) Keep your fitness gear safe and secure by bringing your own padlock.

Pre-workout10 of 13
CREDIT: My Protein


We love... THE Pre-Workout+ by MyProteinPre-workout isn't an absolute essential, but it is brilliant for giving you a burst of energy of days you really aren't in the mood. Prepare for your first session back with this offering from MyProtein which packs 300mg of caffeine per serving.

Ankle straps for cable machine11 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

Ankle straps for cable machine

We love...Fitgriff Ankle Straps for Cable MachinesFrom kickbacks to abductors, there are plenty of leg exercises you can do using the cable machine. Gyms often don't have these, so it's worth packing your own.

hair bands12 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

Hair bands

We love... Invisibobble ORIGINAL Hair TiesIs there anything worse than forgetting a hair band? We love Invisibobble as they don't leave a kink in your hair.

A pair of weight lifting gloves13 of 13
CREDIT: Amazon

A pair of weight lifting gloves

We love... EMRAH Leather Weight Lifting GlovesIf you're into lifting heavy, then weight-lifting gloves are your friend. They help protect against hand calluses and blisters.

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Fitness YouTuber and founder of the Tone and Sculpt app Krissy Cela shared her gym essentials with heat and one of her go-to's was liquid chalk.

"In my gym bag there is always, always liquid chalk. I don't use chalky chalk, I think it's a mess. You can buy it on Amazon for super cheap!"

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