I tried Myprotein’s cereal milk protein powder and here are my honest thoughts

High protein breakfasts have never been so easy


by Aimee Jakes |

Once upon a time, the only protein shakes on the market were strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Nowadays, you have a whole list of fancy options to choose from including Rocky Road, Cinnamon Danish and Apple Crumble.

Heck, you can even buy protein SQUASH.

Now Myprotein has brought out limited-edition cereal milk flavoured protein powder and honestly, we're impressed.

The new flavour tastes like very sweet milk and is designed to have with cereal. Step aside, protein oats!

It packs 19g of protein per 25g serving, allowing you to hit your morning macros and start your day right.

Myprotein cereal milk review

It's even packaged in an actual cereal milk box, because #aesthtics.

We tested the Cereal Milk flavour protein powder and it's very drinkable. It mixes really easily with milk or water and really does taste like the cornflakes-soaked milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. What dreams are made of.

It is really sweet, but we found mixing it with a more savoury cereal (think Weetabix or Bran Flakes) makes the ultimate flavour combo.

Even though you could drink it on its own, we reckon it would get really sickly by the time you got to your third shake, so, err, add some cereal?

We loved how easy it was to make. Simply add one scoop with milk and water, give a little shake and then add to your chosen cereal of choice.

Definitely a great one for anyone trying to eat more protein, but doesn't have time to faff around with eggs at the break of dawn.

We just wish it wasn't limited-edition. Sob.

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