The best Easter eggs 2022: from the cheap and cheerful to the fabulously boujee

We took on the gruelling task of tasting some delicious Easter eggs and chocolate treats. It is a hard job.

All the best Easter eggs to buy no matter your budget: different easter treats on blue background

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It's that time of year again with lambs aplenty and chicks a-hatchin'. Yes, spring has well and truly sprung and with it has come a whole hoard of Easter eggs on the supermarket shelves.

From adult eggs (you know, the alcoholic kind) to good ol' Cadbury's, there's quite a variety of chocolate treats on the market this year. Tbh, the choice is a bit overwhelming - especially if you're on a budget.

Luckily for you, we've taken on the challenge of trying some weird and wonderful Easter delights and, boy, have we got news for you.

Truth is, you don't have to be limited to an actual egg this year because there are cookies and shortbread to get your gums around, too. Plus, there are SO many actually tasty vegan treats this year, the choice might actually convert us?

So without further ado, we present to you, the best Easter chocolate for 2022 - listed from lowest to highest price so you can find a treat no matter your budget. And don't worry, there are, of course, some Cadbury staples in there, too...

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20 of the best easter eggs and treats in 2022

Cadbury Layers of Joy Trifle 550g1 of 21
CREDIT: sainsburys

Cadbury Layers of Joy Trifle

Tasted by shopping editor, Aimee Jakes @a1meejakes can now officially buy a Creme Egg trifle and it may be one of the greatest inventions since retinol and ASOS Premier Delivery. Think all the gooey goodness of a creme egg but with lashings of cream and a melt-in-mouth mousse. Too good.

Best easter eggs 2022 uk2 of 21

Tony's Chocolonely Easter Bar Milk 32% Meringue Lemon

Tasted by shopping editor, Aimee Jakes @a1meejakes meringue chocolate sounded a little too wild for me, but in the name of journalism I gave it a go and reader, I'm glad I did. It has all the full-flavour brilliance of Tony Chocolonely paired with a very subtle lemon taste.

Deluxe Premium Easter Egg3 of 21
CREDIT: lidl

Lidl Deluxe Premium Easter Egg

As usual, Lidl has come in clutch when it comes to Easter treats - and you can grab a Deluxe Premium Easter Egg in four different flavours: Salted Caramel, Eton Mess, Dark Chocolate & Coffee or Dark Chocolate & Mint. Plus, you can grab two for £6. Bargain.

Best easter eggs 2022 uk4 of 21
CREDIT: Amazon

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Eggs

Tasted by heat contributor, Carl Smith @carldavidsmith me when I say I've tasted a lot of chocolate in my time. I basically consider myself in the near-connoisseur territory. So it's a pretty big deal that I can honestly say this is possibly the best chocolate ever to have passed my lips. The perfect balance of a sharp (but not too bitter) dark chocolate with that velvety peanut butter, all within a snack-sized egg, makes for a match made in heaven. Full disclaimer: I ate the entire bag in one oh-so-heavenly sitting and have absolutely no regrets. Cannot rate highly enough. Would probably swap a distant relative for another bag.Also, this is my first foray into vegan chocolate and I've now seen the light. It's... better than 'real' chocolate? Mind blown.

CREDIT: natural collection

Buttermilk Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy Egg

Not everyone is a fan of the orange and chocolate combination, but with "zingy orange flavoured caramel flakes" sprinkled on top, how could you say no? Extra bonus - it's coeliac and vegan friendly, and you can buy a case of six for £33.56 and treat your friends.

Cadbury Pots of Joy Limited Edition6 of 21

Cadbury Pots of Joy Limited Edition

Tasted by commercial writer, Emily Farquhar @emfarqs can never go wrong with treating yourself with one of Cadbury's Pots of Joy. So creamy and smooth in texture, every spoonful is joy itself and you get four of them. What a win.

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Scotch Egg7 of 21
CREDIT: waitrose & partners

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Scotch Egg

We have no words, other than 'only Heston could come up with the concept of a Scotch Easter egg'. One review states, "It's mad, it is Heston and it works, once again! Yes, it is a bit over-sweet but it's so fun and rich and naughty. Recommend cutting the whole egg in half first, then experiment eating it! Great combination of flavours from the mango, yuzu and chocolate. So fun to take your first bite, then be confused for few seconds, then delighted!"

Best easter eggs 2021 uk8 of 21
CREDIT: Selfridges

Happi Salted Caramel Oat Milk Chocolate Egg

Tasted by heat contributor, Lucy Smith @luceeeeesmith've had bad experiences with vegan chocolate in the past (chocolate should not crumble, just sayin') but I like oat milk in my coffee so thought I'd give this one a try. Boy oh boy, I'm glad I did because, for a vegan egg, this thing tastes positively creamy. The salted caramel takes away from the slightly darker milk chocolate and my boyfriend and I were practically fighting for the last pieces. Would recommend to vegans and non-vegans, tbh.

Eggs and Soldiers | Easter Truffles9 of 21
CREDIT: hotel chocolat

Eggs and Soldiers | Easter Truffles

Ok so... this is weird but in the best way possible. With "creamy white chocolate ganache eggs" and "hazelnut praline and milk chocolate" soldiers, you can defo justify eating chocolate for breakfast with this. One review states, "Highly addictive! Beautifully presented and a talking point of the day."

Best easter eggs 2021 uk10 of 21

Cadbury Mini Eggs Inclusion Egg

Tasted by heat contributor, Connie Hack @connie.hack doesn't love Mini Eggs tbh? So what is not to love about a Mini Eggs Easter egg? The perfect egg, combining a Cadbury Easter egg with Mini Eggs in the shell - THE dream. Simply delish.

Best easter eggs 2021 uk11 of 21

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Daim Easter Egg

Tasted by heat contributor, Red Edwards @red.edwards don't know about you lot, but when I think of Easter, Cadbury instantly springs to mind. My Easter egg pile always consists of Cadbury Eggs so, when I saw the new Daim bar egg, I was literally drooling. It's incredible and so, so tasty.

Best easter eggs 2022 uk12 of 21
CREDIT: fenwick

Joe & Seph’s Premium Large Chocolate Popcorn Easter Egg 2021

Tasted by shopping editor, Aimee Jakes @a1meejakes someone who normally finds sweet popcorn 'meh', I was pleasantly surprised to discover this gem, which has truly found the sweet spot when it comes to the ultimate chocolate: popcorn ratio. The encrusted salted caramel popcorn pieces really elevate the standard egg offering and the whole thing was inhaled within MINUTES. My only critiques are 1) would have liked it to have been the size of my head 2) far too moreish.

Best easter eggs 2021 uk13 of 21
CREDIT: Amazon

Baileys Salted Caramel Easter Egg With Truffles

Tasted by deputy editor, Eden-Olivia Lord @eden_liv_lord you're a fan of Baileys then you're going to want this at Easter. The truffles taste exactly like a glass of Baileys - minus the alcohol. As for the egg? There are actual salted caramel pieces in it - obsessed.

Easter Bakes Selection Box - Pre Order For Easter Weekend14 of 21
CREDIT: etsy

Easter Bakes Selection Box - Pre Order For Easter Weekend

ud83dudc4fEASTERud83dudc4fBROWNIESud83dudc4fYA'LL. With four large brownies, two large blondies and six shortbread biscuits, you'll be supporting a small business, and fighting your easter cravings. Among the flavours are Maltesers and even carrot cake. Yummmmmyyy.

Baileys Sundae Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 220g15 of 21
CREDIT: amazon

Baileys Sundae Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Stop us when we've convinced you - one: Baileys. Two: fudge. Three: chocolate buttons. Four: salted caramel crispies. Yeah, we know we had you at number one, but worth going through the list anyway.

Best easter eggs 2022 uk16 of 21
CREDIT: Blondies Kitchen

Creme Egg 7 inch Cookie

Tasted by heat contributor, Lucy Smith @luceeeeesmith disclosure, I'm not even a Creme Egg fan but this cookie... THIS COOKIE was an absolute delight and I've already told approximately 15 friends that they need to get one, stat. Creamy milk chocolate chunks cut through the gooey cookie dough and I think I'm in love.Plus, at seven inches (ud83cudf46 - you know you thought it, too) it's perfect for sharing. Or not, whatever floats ya boat.

M&S Harry Potter Golden Egg Tin17 of 21
CREDIT: ocado

M&S Harry Potter Golden Egg Tin

Crack open this golden shimmery snitch egg for some scrummy Belgian white chocolate. "You're a wizard Harry" says H-egg-rid. (...Sorry)

Chicky Choccy Treats Easter Letterbox Gift18 of 21

Chicky Choccy Treats Easter Letterbox Gift

Whoever thought up the concept of "letterbox gifts" is our new best friend. Super easy to send to a friend without worrying if they'll be home for the postie, this gift set has a "range of delicious items including four milk chocolate bubbly bunnies and our indulgent milk Choc Corn chocolate popcorn" along with an easter egg "selection of chocolate, orange and caramel varieties to enjoy!"

Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg19 of 21
CREDIT: harvey nichols

Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg

Pop the champagne fellas. ud83cudf7eud83eudd42 Not only does this luxurious easter egg contain Processco-laced truffles, but "crackle crystals that burst like little bubbles in your mouth", too.

Milk Chocolate Decorated Easter Egg20 of 21
CREDIT: fortnum & mason

Hand-Decorated Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

A piece of art that you'll want to look at forever before eventually devouring, this is self-care 101 in our opinion. Each one is hand-decorated with "expertly tempered Tercentenary-blend milk chocolate."

Venchi Gourmet Egg Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts21 of 21
CREDIT: Eataly

Venchi Gourmet Egg Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Tasted by shopping editor, Aimee Jakes @a1meejakes , it's an expensive egg, but it's truly the most delicious egg you will ever eat in your whole life. I could describe it as 'posh hazlenutty chocolate which makes your tongue TINGLE with happiness' but that would not be giving it enough justice. A downright boujee egg to demand from the other half, because you simply are the queen. Get it online with Eataly's nationwide delivery.

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