A guide to the best sweet and fruity alcohols for Easter 🍹

From hot cross bun gin to Easter martinis, these are our fave sugar and spice (and all things nice...) Easter alcoholic drinks

A guide to the best sweet and fruity alcohols for Easter

by Lucy Smith |

Easter Sunday is less than a month away, and chocolate eggs are starting to fly off the supermarket shelves.

If you ask us, it's one of the best days of the year and we would never deny the chance to scoff down a chocolatey treat guilt-free. But what if we told you there was more fun to be had after the sun sets and the Easter bunnies go to sleep?

That's right, folks, we're talking about Easter alcohol.

Whether you're buying it as a gift or you fancy kicking off the Easter festivities early, there's a whole hoard of springtime tipples to tickle your fancy.

From hot cross bun gin to Jaffa Cake vodka, there's an unusual alcohol for everyone, and you can be sure they all taste darn good, too.

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Easter alcoholic drinks 2022

Hot Cross Bun Gin
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CREDIT: Gin Tales

Gin Tales presents... The Tale of Hot Cross Gin A beautiful gin infusion with citrus, sultanas and Easter spices. This Hot Cross Gin is an adult twist on an Easter favourite, so leave the buns and chocolate for the kids, this is Easter for grown-ups.

Clean G Rhubarb
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At just 15 calories per 50ml serving and zero alcohol, CleanG is the perfect guilt-free indulgence. It totally encompasses the taste of spring - tangy rhubarb, sweet raspberry notes, juniper and citrus. Teamed with the earthy, grassy notes from orris and angelica, and a subtle spice/herbaceous complexity from coriander, mint and cinnamon, it's crisp, refreshing and totally moreish. Serve over ice, top with tonic and add a slice of lime and a fresh raspberry for the perfect alcohol-free afternoon tipple.

Salted Caramel Velvetised Chocolate Cream
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CREDIT: Hotel chocolat

Is there anything more satisfying than salted caramel? Rich notes of buttery caramel and tangy sea salt make this Salted Caramel Velvetised Chocolate Cream mouth-wateringly moreish. The perfect gift for all those caramel lovers out there, the Salted Caramel Velvetised Chocolate Cream combines deep cocoa notes with the natural sweetness of salted caramel to create a drink which isn't too sweet, but is still ridiculously delish.

Baileys Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur
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Baileys Apple Pie has taken the timeless, nostalgic dessert we all grew up loving and made it drinkable with a hint of adult fun and we couldn't be more in love.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Dexter and Jones

Infused with honey, this rum from The Salford Rum Company is the perfect springtime tipple and, if you ask us. It makes a delightful rum and coke. Plus, with notes of honeycomb, caramel and butterscotch, the kids can munch away on their chocolate eggs while you sit there content in the knowledge that you're putting away a much finer treat...

Sweet Little Hot Cross Rum Liqueur
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The deliciousness of hot cross buns, all bottled up! Hot Cross Rum Liqueur marries orange, cinnamon and vanilla in a spiced rum base. You'll have to resist drizzling it over the real thing.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Amazon

Simply delightful. This sweet and refreshing gin serve is the perfect pick for a spring afternoon when you fancy a treat but you don't want it to a) hit you in the back of the throat or b) leave you slurring your words. Just mix with tonic, ice and, per our recommendation, a slice of lemon, and you'll be transported back to your childhood with this delicious sweet shop liqueur.

Cream Egg Glitter Gin Liqueur
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CREDIT: Bottle Bling

It's time for adults to enjoy this Easter with this Belgian chocolate and fondant flavour gin liqueur. With added edible glitter shimmer this makes the perfect smooth drink. Add tonic or lemonade or enjoy neat over ice.

Chocolate Mini Egg Glitter Gin Liqueur
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CREDIT: Bottle Bling

Similar to the Creme Egg offering, this Mini Egg's Gin Liqueur has a Belgian sweet chocolate flavour, just like the iconic Easter treat with the added bonus of gin.

Cherry & Raspberry Gin
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CREDIT: Hotel chocolat

Gin lovers, rejoice. We've got something special for you, enjoy the nuanced tones of this premium gin liqueur with a dash of natural cherry and raspberry. Perfect to spruce up any plain old G&T or lack-lustre cocktail. It's a show-stopping secret ingredient that will leave everyone guessing.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Master of Malt

This will give you hints of Easter all around. From the potent orange notes to the actual sponge flavour - yes, they blended whole Jaffa Cakes - you'll be tasting sweetness and chocolate, and you won't be mad about it, either. Seriously, this stuff is delicious. We recommend drinking this neat over a glass of ice or, for a more subtle flavour, with lemonade.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Amazon

With notes of grapefruit, mint and even liquorice, this zesty aperitif blend is a real refreshing serve without the hit of a 40 per cent spirit. At 14.5 per cent ABV, El Bandarra acts a punchy wine and one that you can happily simmer down with a glass of tonic, too. A perfect pick for a light afternoon drink, before you switch onto the heavier stuff... We suggest adding a slice of orange and serving over heaps of ice with a can of citrus tonic - mmm.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Not On The High Street

This vodka-based cocktail is a perfect Easter Sunday tipple and would be lovely to finish off a hearty lamb dinner. Mixed with cacao nibs and a hint of orange zest, this serve packs a warm punch in the best way. For maximum flavour, try drinking it neat (ice cold) with some orange zest to garnish.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Wildjac

Talk about refreshing... With a punchy mix of lemon, grapefruit, orange and elderflower, we say this is exactly the drink you should have at your Easter brunch. Our recommendation? Mix one measure with ice-cold prosecco or Champagne, top with a bit of lemon peel, et voila - a bona fide Champagne cocktail.

fTwo Drifters Overproof Spiced Pineapple Rum
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CREDIT: Master of Malt

A bit more of an evening affair, Two Drifters pineapple rum is exactly what you'll want to hand come 29 March when you can have your pals in the garden. The pineapple adds an uplifting note of warmer days while the strong 63 per cent ABV rum will leave you excited for some 21 June nights out (remember those?).

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Elephant Gin

If you like a bit of candied orange and a zesty hot cross bun, then you'll adore this orange cocoa gin from Elephant Gin. Refreshing orange cuts through the aromatic cocoa making this the perfect tipple to crack out as the sun sets on Easter Sunday. It goes on sale 26 March, so it's one for your calendars, but definitely worth waiting for, if you ask us. To serve add orange peel, tonic water (lemon tonic works well, too) and heaps of ice.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Amazon

Cîroc is a classic brand in the vodka market, and it's certainly one not to miss. There's a whole array of flavours to contend with under the Cîroc umbrella and, if you ask us, the apple is the one you want to be getting your hands on this Easter weekend.Why not try your hand at an apple Champagne cocktail? Simply add one measure to a glass of Champers and top off with a wedge of apple - you could even rim the glass with sugar, if you really fancy pushing the boat out...

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Master of Malt

If you like salted caramel chocolate then you're going to want this vodka among your Easter treats this year...It's definitely one for the sweet tooths, so don't take this on if you don't like your sugar ud83dude02. We think it pairs perfectly with the caramel in a Coca Cola, but it tastes just as lovely neat over ice. Think of it as a sugar-a-holic's take on Limoncello.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Amazon

Ginger is a warming addition to any springtime serve and, together with sweet orange in Spirited Union's cask-aged Jamaican rum, the trio makes a truly delicious combo. Plus, what better a way to see in the warmer months than with an infusion of blood orange, of all the fruits?Try serving this with ice and a dash of ginger beer - lovely.

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: The Bottle Club

Mango and passionfruit are perhaps more summer fruits if we're honest with ourselves, but we see no reason why that should stop you from indulging in this delightfully crisp little number. It exactly what we want to be drinking once we're allowed to sit outside with friends on 29 March and it's a great shout for an afternoon in the sun on 4 April.Just add tonic or lemonade and enjoy with your feet up on a sun lounger (we can dream...).

easter alcohol
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CREDIT: Master of Malt

Now, it might not be fruity, but this gin from Otterbeck is so luxurious it takes away all the bitterness of your standard £14 gin (you know the one...), replacing it with clear-as-day juniper and aromatic notes of vanilla. The bottle will look beaut on your Easter dining spread, and you'll never hear the end of the compliments from guests (outside, of course) once you crack this open, so get sharing.

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So, now that you've got your Easter alcohol en route 👏, why not check out this 'Bee's Knees' Easter cocktail recipe?

You will need...

50ml Wildjac Citrus Vodka

50ml fresh lemon juice (keep the lemon aside for the peel)

1 tbsp honey

50ml warm water

A handful of ice

A cocktail shaker

A glass to serve


  1. In an empty cocktail shaker dissolve the honey in the warm water.
  1. Add vodka, lemon juice and ice cubes.
  1. Shake to combine.
  1. Pour through a strainer into a saucer.
  1. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

Enjoy 🍹.

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