The best pancake tools for a flipping good day

Here are some tools and extra bits to help you go all out this Shrove Tuesday

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February isn’t so bad, right? Winter is fading away, shops are filled with flowers for Valentine’s day, chocolate eggs are creeping up on the shelves for Easter, and let us not forget pancake day. It's the one day of year devoted to the pancake and it's quite honestly what we live for.

Are you more of the classic crepe, lemon and sugar type or are you more of an American pancake stacker? There is nothing more fun than a day dedicated to all things sweet. And because it’s a national holiday, it is your duty to take part, so these pancakes are absolutely guilt-free.

Here is a list of tools, accessories and all the extra bits to make these pancakes your best yet...

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Pancake day tools

Electric Pancake & Crepe Maker1 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Electric Pancake & Crepe Maker

Until we can hop on a flight and grab a crepe from a vendor in Paris, this electric crepe maker is the next best thing!

Apron2 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Chief Pancake Tosser Apron

Who is the chief tosser of the house? Why not award them with the ultimate pancake day apron, so they really know who's boss.

Pancake pan3 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Colourworks Non-Stick Pancake Pan

Maybe flipping pancakes is what you love best about Shrove Tuesday? Whether you're a flipping pro or have a habit of making pancake hit the ceiling this non-stick pancake pan is the ultimate tool for pancake day.

mini pancake maker4 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Handheld Electrical Pancake Maker

Aren't things so much better when they're mini! If you have a small kitchen, fear not! This mini handheld pancake maker will ensure you have perfect pancakes every time (and with the least space possible)

pancake moulds5 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Animal Pancake Pan

Okay, how cute are these! Now your pancakes can have the cutest faces on them. How could you resist?

unicorn mould6 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Fred Unicorn Breakfast Mould

If you love unicorns, how could you resist! Turn your eggs, pancakes and cookies into a unicorn shape.

crepe stick7 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

KitchenCraft Crepe Spreader

If you have one of these crepe spreaders in the cupboard, people know you mean business!

kids pancake kit8 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Learning Resources Pancake Pile Up

Do the kids want to get involved? Fear not! With this cute pancake pile up game, they can get into the action with no chance of accidents.

lemon squeezer9 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

H&S Manual Lemon Squeezer

If are the lemon and sugar pancake type, then fresh lemons are the way to go! Don't let the pips spoil your sweet treat and get a proper lemon squeezer.

scale10 of 12

Wilko Cream 5kg Kitchen Scales

Baking is like chemistry! If you don't measure everything correctly, it will not work out as planned. Pancakes are a simple affair, but why not be sure all is perfect anyways with these kitchen scales.

moulds11 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Pancake and Egg Silicone Moulds

Why not purchase a valentine's and pancake day product in one? With these heart shape and circle moulds, you can really show someone how much you care. Nothing says love heart-shaped pancakes, right?

mini snack maker12 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Compact Mini Snack Maker

If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat! This snack maker allows you to make mini versions of your all-time favourite foods such as burgers, pancakes, cookie dough and more!

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