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Coco Pops are the cereal your mum would never let you have as a kid because of how darn delicious they are. Seriously, they're the type of cereal you'd have one bowl of and instantly want another...hence your ma's sugar rush caution.

Now, the brand we all know and love (and Coco the monkey, of course) have gone that one step further and brought out a new Coco Pops flavour. And, spoiler alert, it sounds pretty darn delicious.

Introducing jazz hands, Coco Pops Strawberry and White Chocolate.

pink coco pops
Kelloggs Strawberry and White Chocolate Coco Pops will be available for 12 months. ©Kelloggs/Taylor Herring PR

Yep, if you love the Muller Corner with strawberry yoghurt and white choco biscuit balls then you are going to ADORE this.

We're talking crunchy sweet strawberry choc bites and, the best part? These shiny new Coco Pops will turn your cereal milk pink. Not to mention they come in at 30 per cent less sugar than other chocolate cereals on the market. A win, win - right?

Kelloggs pink coco pops
The Strawberry and White Chocolate Coco Pops will turn your cereal milk pink. ©Kelloggs/Taylor Herring PR

This pink to make the boys wink (did we just imagine that saying?) cereal will go on sale on 12 February, just in time for Valentine's Day, and it'll be on sale for just 12 months, so you'd better get your hands on it while you can.

It'll be stocked in all major supermarkets and, because Kelloggs know we're all pretty cash-strapped (cheers, corona), it'll only cost £2.99.

Commenting on the new release, Kelloggs' activation brand manager Harriet Oakes said, "When we launched White Choc Coco Pops in 2019, they sold out in just a few days so we’re hoping Coco Pops fans will be just as excited to try the new flavour.

"We’re sure kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy bringing a bit of pink to their breakfast."

That they will, Harriet.

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