Sophia and Cinzia: ‘There’s a lot in the book that we’ve never spoken about online’

The Girls Bathroom's Sophia and Cinzia reveal all about their new book...

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With over 20 million downloads and counting and an ultra-loyal fanbase, The Girls Bathroom podcast is thriving. The secret sauce to its roaring success? Helpful and honest advice from two girls who have been there.

Co-hosts Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo guide listeners through their dilemmas every Wednesday and it feels like you're listening to old friends having a natter.

Now, the girls have brought their very own book, The Girls Bathroom: Living Life Messily and Learning To Love Yourself which promises to be 'all the goodness of the podcast written down' whilst drawing on their personal experiences around love, friendships and careers.

To celebrate the brand-new book, Sophia and Cinzia sit down with heat and talk us through exactly what we can expect…

What can we expect from the book and who is it written for?

Cinzia: We wrote the book for girls and boys just like us!

Sophia: It's just full of the classic advice you always need to be reminded of or a, 'Oh I needed to hear that!' You can just expect literally all the goodness from The Girls Bathroom podcast on paper.

Cinzia: It goes right through from school troubles to your first date, first kiss, first relationship...

Sophia: Relationships breaking down...

Cinzia: Career dilemmas and crossroads in your career... We've really tried to cover everything that could come about in a young person's life.

What did you enjoy most about writing the book?

Cinzia: We loved brainstorming things, what we wanted to put down, mood boards...

Sophia: Choosing the little golden nuggets of advice we wanted to include.

Cinzia: We've got like the ten commandments in there, lots of little takeaways and there's even a quiz. I remember when I was younger and I always loved doing the quizzes.

Sophia: I'd always skip to the back of the magazine to do the quizzes!

Cinzia: We wanted there to be loads of visual elements and be super fun for everyone, as well as great advice.

What did you learn about yourselves during the process?

Cinzia: We fully reflected back on our lives since we were 16/18 years old and we have realised that we have grown a lot over the years and it makes you realise how far you've come.

Sophia: Learning your boundaries and what you won't stand for anymore, it's always good to reflect on.

Will there be any surprises or anything that we may not expect from the book?

Sophia: I think people may be surprised that we get very personal in the book because obviously on The Girls Bathroom we're answering over people's dilemmas and this book is really focused on us and what we've learned. There's a lot in the book that we've never spoken about online before. There are some really personal elements in there.

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What is a great book that you always recommend to friends?

Sophia: I've recently read Emily Ratajkowski's book My Body and it was really great, I finished it in two days and I learned so much about her and her experiences. It's just really opened my eyes to a few things and I really enjoyed the read.

You're famed for giving great advice, but what's the best advice you've been given recently?

Cinzia: This past year we've been trying to launch a clothing brand and we've had a few bumps in the road and some things haven't been working out at all as we'd planned, so it's kind of reminding ourselves that everything happens for a reason

Sophia: That's our favourite quote that we always come back to and this year, especially in the last few months we've really had to keep reminding ourselves of that and taking our own advice.

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