The Traitors board game exists (!) so you can get your fix after the finale

Who thinks they would make a good traitor then? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Tratiors Game

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This is the season of The Traitors that just keeps on giving. Claudia Winkleman's fingerless gloves, the nation falling in love with another lady Di and Brian's sheep breakdown. What a season. As the finale nears, like Paul in his cloak *external sob*, we are left thinking - but what next?

WELL, if you've been sitting on the sofa, munching your snacks, thinking, 'I could stab my bestie in the back', then you're in for a treat... You can now have your chance at The Traitors from the comfort of your own home with The Traitors card game.

Ginger Fox has just launched The Traitors Card Game (£12), and it's perfect for 'anyone who loves strategy, deception and a healthy dose of competition'. Sign us up - Right. Now.

How does The Traitors card game work?

Just like in the BBC show, players are secretly allocated their roles of either Faithful or Traitor. The Faithful must correctly identify and banish all the Traitors in their midst to win the gold, whereas The Traitors need to remain undetected until the round ends to take the prize pot.

There's gold, shields, murders and betrayal - so get your besties round and battle it to be the ultimate Faithful (or Traitor).

Which of The Traitors would love The Traitors board game?


We caught up with two of our favourite former players, Ash and Anthony, to talk all things board games and how they used (or more accurately, didn't use) their skills from being boardgame buffs to play the game this season.

Would you believe it, Ash is really into strategic game-playing. And whilst we saw not even a hint of those skills on this season of The Traitors, she assured us that she's actually a pretty good player at home when she and her housemates host their weekly board game nights.

She told us, "I didn't see the point of having a strategy in the castle because you don't know who you are playing against. But in hindsight, maybe I think I should have had a bit of a plan," she chuckled.

The moment we saw Ant on our screens and learned that he was a chess player, we had high hopes for optimum game-playing and strategy. But, like Ash, Ant was seen banished at the round table ("You'll be 8-1 down") in an iconic exit that Ant said was inspired by the Scarface balcony scene.

Ant explained that his chess skills weren't enough to save him from banishment. "In chess, you make your moves, and then you get an advantage and can anticipate what the next player is going to do. But in the castle, you get thrown unexpected events, and there's no way of knowing what's going to happen next."

You can tune in to The Traitors UK series two on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One from 9pm and on BBC iPlayer.

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