10 cult costumes you can STILL have delivered in time to WIN Halloween

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cult costume ideas

by Lucy Smith |

With only a few days left until Halloween weekend, you might still be searching for the right costume to make your friends drool with envy. If you have had a brain blank and forgotten all of the AMAZING costumes you have thought of over the past year, don't worry.

Here are 10 looks from some of the most iconic films, TV shows and other pop culture refs to make sure you don't have to resort to scouring the supermarket aisles for a kid's costume that might just about fit.

From Clueless' Cher to Jennifer from, well, Jennifer's Body, these stylish and scary 'fits are sure to go down a treat (or should we say trick?) AND, what's more, they're all available with next day delivery.

CHECK OUT: 10 cult costume ideas with next day delivery

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Cult costume ideas

cher clueless costume ideas
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CREDIT: Paramount Picture Studios

As if! Clueless has got to be one of the best cult classic costumes and, just for you, we've found all the bits you'll need on Boohoo for less than £60 (and they're all re-wearable...)

mathilda halloween costume
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CREDIT: Columbia Pictures

Natalie Portman's Mathilda was a badass. Her outfit is pretty rewearable, too, so we've found you everything you'll need from Boohoo and eBay for around £70, all in time for Halloween...

mathilda halloween costume
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CREDIT: Boohoo, eBay

lydia deetz red dress
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CREDIT: Warner Brothers

Lydia Deetz, in her red 80s wedding dress with spiked fringe and ever-present grimace, will always be our Halloween heroine. You can make up your own version of her outfit from Boohoo and Amazon for around £100 all-in, and we've even saved you money on a veil (which you can't find with next day delivery for love nor money) with a roll of red tulle - it'll make great Christmas wrapping when you're done with it, too!

Lydia Deetz wedding dress
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CREDIT: Boohoo, Amazon

cult classic costume ideas
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CREDIT: Touchstone Pictures

When Phoebe Buffay went trashy! This is one of our fave 90s films and the fancy dress version is pretty easy, to be honest. From Missguided you can get the whole look for just over £50...

alabama worley costume
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Quentin Tarantino's ultra violent romance gave us one of the feistiest, cutest, sexiest heroines EVER in Alabama Worley. And, lucky for you, we've found a pretty good dupe for her iconic leopard print look from I Saw It First and eBay for less than £35...

addams family costume ideas
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CREDIT: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Sarcastic, fearless and totally chic, channel Wednesday Addams this Halloween. Oh, and don't forget the sassy red mani. We've found a dupe for Wednesday's dress at Missy Empire for just £16...

addams family costume ideas
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CREDIT: Missy Empire

cult costume ideas
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CREDIT: Touchstone Pictures

Nobody does black kohl like Margot Tenenbaum. Apart from you. When you're working a Margot Tenenbaum Halloween look, and you can do just that from Boohoo for around £60 (with our totally re-wearable picks)...

jennifers body outfits
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CREDIT: Fox Atomic

Jennifer needed to eat high school boys to stay young and beautiful. Terrifying much? Well, you can be equally petrifying with just four things from Boohoo for just over £60 (and, chances are you already own the jeans...)

the grady twins makeup
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CREDIT: Warner Brothers

Still. So. SCARY. Go as the Grady Twins and scare literally everyone. We've found everything you'll need at I Saw It First...

the craft nancy outfit
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CREDIT: Columbia Pictures

Indulge your inner Goth with a nasty Nancy from 90s flick The Craft costume. We've found everything from her check skirt to her layered necklaces at Boohoo...

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cult halloween costumes
Jonathan Ross' annual Halloween decs ©Getty

Halloween is a huge event for the showbiz world, especially for Jonathan Ross, who decorates his £2.5 million London house with spectacular decorations and invites nearly every single UK celebrity on our screens.

However, he insists this is the only showbiz event he likes to host, telling Loose Women, "The main reason I do the Halloween party is because my kids love it.

"It started as a thing for my kids when they were little and it grew and became slightly more grown up when they became grown ups.

"I don't really mind who comes because my kids have 20 to 30 people they invite each and that's the party and other people [who turn up] are people who come up to me and say 'Please can I come to your party?'"

After a year out due to COVID we thought Rossy's party might be back on for 2021, but it turns out the panel show host has scrapped the party once more 😔. Maybe 2022, eh?

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