6 airport outfit ideas to make you feel first class

Get ready for take-off with the chicest of outfit ideas that will have you looking stylish at 30,000 feet

Airport outfit ideas

by Scott Wells |
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When it comes to holidays, most of our outfit idea prep goes into what we will wear whilst basking in the sunshine or exploring the culture.

However, one of the most important outfits to plan we feel is a killer look to travel in, because yes, you still need to look and feel fabulous for your airport arrival.

We have you covered with all the comfy airport outfit ideas from preppy outfits and cosy loungewear, to even creating matching couple outfits – because why not?

So, get ready to style up your next plane-worthy look as we reveal all that you need ready for take-off.

1) Keep it simple

No matter how long you’re flying for, no one wants to be uncomfortable whilst sitting in those small chairs. Keep the airport travel outfit simple by choosing a pair of breathable linen trousers which will allow you to air your legs out, no one needs suffocating skinny jeans on a flight.

Style these with a plain white vest or tee and matching white trainers to give it a cool and trendy finish – don’t forget to have a backup cardigan or jumper to hand in case it gets chilly.

2) Comfy duo

Leggings are still taking the world by storm as they’re breaking out from the workout world and onto the streets.

Of course, they’re super comfy with their stretch allowing you to indulge without feeling restricted, but they’re also very versatile.

Choosing a neutral tone such as sage green will instantly make them every day approved. Take them to the next level by finishing off the look with a tan blazer and white top to give that tailored “I’m a professional” vibe.

3) Winning combo

A co-ord is one of the ultimate airport outfits for summer, not only is it super chic but it takes away the stress of styling up a good ensemble in an instant.

They’re at the top of the comfortability chart with lightweight fabrics and elasticated waistbands, plus they pack loads of style points.

Choose to keep it simple with a top-to-toe tonal option or go all out with a patterned alternative, either way, you’re going to look great.

They’re also a great way to get more out of your wardrobe as once you’re on holiday they can be styled separately with other items.

4) Jacket up

A good jacket can upgrade your outfit in seconds. Whether it’s denim, leather, trench or linen, it’s all an ensemble needs to make it complete.

In addition to this, it’s also a great way to keep warm on the flight as we all know, it can get a tad chills with the air con.

5) Short and simple

Just like leggings, opting for shorts is also another brilliant way to boost your style game.

Cycling shorts are a game changer as you pair them with a bralette or oversize hoody and some sporty trainers, think gym chic.

As well as this, if you’re travelling to a warm country then these are a smart choice to beat the heat as you get off the plane.

6) Make a style statement

Ditch the plain colours and go bold with a striking pattern which will immediately make you look like an airport travel outfit professional.

Opt for either a wild pattern or bold colours to stand out for all the right reasons, better yet, wear them together and treat the path like it’s your runway.

So whether you’re an ultra-comfy gal or all about the extra looks, we believe in always feeling but also looking your best, because why not?

Take inspo from these ideas or go crazy with your very own aesthetic, but whatever you do, make sure to have fun, because that’s what it’s all about.

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