These funny Father’s Day gifts will top even the best dad jokes

Funny dads, you've met your match with these brilliant Father's Day gifts.


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It's that time again - Father's Day is just around the corner. It's about time you started thinking about what you're going to treat your pops to this year. Keep reading for our guide to the funny Father's Day gifts you've been searching for all your life (not an exaggeration).

Is it just us, or is there a club that all men join when they become a father? They get their socks and dad sandals, their v-neck jumper and, of course, a dad joke book. Totally cringe but also annoyingly funny, a dad's sense of humour is something we hate to love.

Funny Father's Day Gifts for 2023: our shortlist

Talking Tables Cheesy Jokes for Father's Day

Dad, You Are Egg-Cellent Breakfast Board

Personalised Face Apron

If your dad's a particularly humorous chap and you want to get on his good side, go for the funniest gift you can find this year. Luckily for you, we've done a touch of online window shopping to give you some inspiration.

When is Father's Day 2023?

Father's Day is on Sunday 18 June this year. AKA, not long until you get to watch his face light up as he opens his gifts.

Shop our favourite funny gifts for Dad for Father's Day 2023 below.


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Talking Tables Cheesy Jokes for Fathers Day1 of 14
CREDIT: amazon

Talking Tables Cheesy Jokes for Father's Day

If your dad is the king of cheesy jokes (and isn't everyone's?), this jokes box will keep him entertained for years to come. Plus, he can stock up his arsenal with even more grate dad jokes.

Dad You Are Egg-Cellent Breakfast Board2 of 14
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Dad, You Are Egg-Cellent Breakfast Board

Think this is just a cute breakfast board? Think again. It's jam-packed with dad power because it features a HILARIOUS pun. Oh, truly egg-cellent.

Personalised Face Apron3 of 14
CREDIT: firebox

Personalised Face Apron

What could be better than having YOUR face all over your dad's new BBQ apron? Not much, tbh. Whether it's his fave child, celeb or even his own mug, this will create laughs for years to come.

Thanks for Putting Up With My Shit Personalised Prosecco4 of 14
CREDIT: firebox

Thanks for Putting Up With My Shit Personalised Prosecco

Nobody's perfect, but for all the years of lending you money, taking you to your mate's house and talking you through your problems, your dad truly deserves this.

Famileo5 of 14
CREDIT: famileo


Make your Father's Day funny and wholesome with a family newspaper from Famileo - you can personalise it with all the latest family news. So cute.

Beard Buddy Shaving Bib6 of 14
CREDIT: oliver bonas

Beard Buddy Shaving Bib

Although this gift is amusing, it doubles up as something really helpful. No more stray hairs around the sink (hopefully).

Personalised Tin With Biscuits - Dad's Survival Stash7 of 14
CREDIT: getting personal

Personalised Tin With Biscuits - Dad's Survival Stash

Hands off - this is a biscuit stash specifically for Dad, and he'll get great pleasure in telling you that fifty times a day, we can bet.

Food and Drink Gifts from Scribbler8 of 14
CREDIT: scribbler

Food and Drink Gifts from Scribbler

Scribbler has a whole host of funny, food or drink-related gifts that will give your dad a laugh and a smile this Father's Day.

Bulletproof Whisky Glass9 of 14
CREDIT: wayfair

Bulletproof Whisky Glass

Does your dad love to make up stories about how amazing he is? Fighting off monsters and saving the world? Give him some ammo (lol) with this bulletproof glass, featuring a real (fake) bullet.

Mr. Grumpy Nails Fatherhood10 of 14
CREDIT: amazon

Mr. Grumpy Nails Fatherhood

For new dads, this hilarious Mr. Grumpy book will give them lots of laughs, as they reflect on their own journey through parenthood.

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass11 of 14
CREDIT: getting personal

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

Jim? No I don't know a Jim... OH, GYM? No thanks, love. Help your dad to a home 'workout' with this novelty beer glass.

Poo-Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray12 of 14
CREDIT: amazon

Poo-Pourri Royal Flush Toilet Spray

Featuring a fresh blend of eucalyptus and green mint, this before-you-go toilet spray is perfect for the distinguished gent, or for a family who's been punished enough by dad's toilet antics.

Personalised Multi Face Socks13 of 14
CREDIT: prezzybox

Personalised Multi Face Socks

What could be funnier than a pair of socks with your face all over them? Oh, he'll love this.

Hammer of Thor Beer Bottle Opener14 of 14
CREDIT: amazon

Hammer of Thor Beer Bottle Opener

Every superhero dad needs his own hammer (move over, Thor), but this one doubles up as a bottle opener. Fab.

The History of Father's Day

It's nice to celebrate our dads, so much so that we don't need an excuse. But do you know why we celebrate it?

While Mother's Day is a Christian holiday in the UK, Father's Day actually stems from the US, from a rather sombre affair. The first Father's Day took place in 1908 in West Virginia. On that day, a church held a special sermon honouring fathers after 362 men were killed in a mining accident.

In 1909, a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd petitioned to see Father's Day recognised as a national day to honour her father, and all other dads out there, and Washington state celebrated its first official Father's Day in 1910.

Now, countries across the globe celebrate the day, each with a different date and different traditions. In the UK, it's become popular to buy ties, socks, booze and sentimental keepsakes for our dads, but tbh, we'd pick a funny gift over these any day of the week.

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