Charlotte Crosby finally reveals TRUTH behind Vicky Pattison ‘feud’

The former Geordie Shore stars have clashed since leaving the show

Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison

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It’s been almost a decade since Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison first rose to fame on Geordie Shore and it’s fair to say they’ve had quite the rocky relationship over the years.

The former friends appeared to grow apart after Vicky quit the MTV show in 2014 and first locked horns when she accused Charlotte of copying her when they both released fitness DVDs. They clashed again just last year when Vicky hit out at “toxic” Geordie Shore before Charlotte defended the show and said, “Maybe she should never went on.”

Charlotte has now spoken out to address the status of her friendship with Vicky and she’s revealed how she really feels about her former co-star.

Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison

The 30-year-old opened up during an Instagram Q&A when one fan asked, “Are you still friends with Vicky?”

“I wouldn’t say we aren’t friends because none of us fell out. It’s one of those things where she left the show and went on her own path,” Charlotte began.

“She didn’t really stay in touch with any of us, but equally we probs didn’t stay in touch either. Nobody’s fault really.”

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Vicky Pattison1 of 30
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Vicky Pattison in 2011

Feisty Vicky, the very first person to enter the Geordie Shore house in 2011, has had quite the transformation over the years.

Vicky Pattison2 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Vicky Pattison now

These days, she really is a Geordie girl with a VIP edge.

Charlotte Crosby3 of 30
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Charlotte Crosby in 2011

Charlotte Crosby takes to the red carpet before appearing in the first ever series of MTV's Geordie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby4 of 30
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Charlotte Crosby now

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Holly Hagan5 of 30
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Holly Hagan in 2011

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Holly Hagan6 of 30
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Holly Hagan now

Now, it would seem that Holly's taken some inspo from Kim K, as her look has drastically changed.

Greg Lake7 of 30
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Greg Lake in 2011

Greg appeared in Geordie Shore in the very beginning, but didn't make it past series one.

Greg Lake8 of 30
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Greg Lake now

Greg is now married to Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe, with whom he has a baby.

Gaz Beadle9 of 30

Gaz Beadle in 2011

Here's Gaz before embarking on his long-running career on Geordie Shore.

Gary Beadle10 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Gary Beadle now - aged 29

In terms of poses not much has changed. But, believe it or not, this Geordie hunk has left the dating scene behind, because he's loved up with girlfriend Emma McVey. They even have a child together.

James Tindale11 of 30
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James Tindale in 2011

James's debut on Geordie Shore saw him spend 90% of his time at the gym and the remaining 10% flexing his muscles in the mirror.

James Tindale12 of 30
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James Tindale now

Looks like he stuck at it!

Jay Gardner13 of 30
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Jay Gardner in 2011

'The dad of the Geordie group' Jay was the oldest member of the show. Who could forget those iconic brows...

Jay Gardner14 of 30
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Jay Gardner now

And years later, his brows are still on fleek.

Sophie Kasaei15 of 30

Sophie Kasaei in 2011

Sophie joined the Geordie Shore show in series one, but was axed for her bad behaviour two years later. Naughty.She later returned to the show in 2016 with a slightly newer cast!

Sophie Kasaei16 of 30

Sophie Kasaei in 2018

She's since glowed upppppppp. She returned to the show for the Big Birthday Battle in 2016 and stayed on as a cast member but quit in spring 2019.

Ricci Guarnaccio17 of 30

Ricci Guarnaccio in 2011

Ricci joined the show in series two, and had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Vicky Pattison.

Ricci Guarnaccio18 of 30
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Ricci Guarnaccio now - aged 31

It would seem that since leaving the show he's decided to embark on a new growing a beard.

Rebecca Walker19 of 30

Rebecca Walker in 2012

Rebecca also joined the show in series two, and was known for her bust-ups, dramas and fallouts.

Rebecca Walker20 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Rebecca Walker now

Now, she's ditched the party days and has become a mum.

Daniel Thomas21 of 30

Daniel Thomas

Dan joined Geordie Shore in the fourth series and left at the end of series five.

Daniel Thomas22 of 30

Daniel Thomas now

He doesn't look all that different now, but he's certainly been enjoying life (and the gym).

Scott Timlin23 of 30

Scott Timlin 2013

Life and soul of the party Scotty T joined the show in series four.

Scotty T24 of 30
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Scotty T now

And WHAT a career this Geordie has had. Fromwinning Celebrity Big Brotherto landing a cameo appearance in Neighbours to even having a girlfriend, he's definitely seen success in the media industry.

Marnie Simspon25 of 30

Marnie Simspon 2014

Marnie entered the house in series seven. Back then, she described herself a "natural beauty".

Marnie Simpson26 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie Simpson now - aged 25

Marnie had several cosmetic procedures done since being on the show, including a nose job, lip fillers and a boob job. She's now expecting a child with Casey Johnson.

Aaron Chalmers27 of 30

Aaron Chalmers then

Tatted-up Aaron Chalmers joined in the eighth series and had an infamous on-off relationship with Marnie. It was SO juicy to watch.

Aaron Chalmers28 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Aaron Chalmers now

Aaron quit Geordie Shore to focus on his career as an MMA fighter, along with his spending more time on his relationship.

Kyle Christie29 of 30

Kyle Christie then

How young does Kyle look? We barely even recognised this Geordie Shore star.

Kyle Christie30 of 30
CREDIT: Instagram

Kyle Christie now

Well HELLO there Kyle. Talk about a transformation, people.

Shedding some light on why they no longer speak, she continued, “But she made no secret that she has no fond memories from the show and didn’t really have many nice things to say about it on departure, which I think made us second guess if she even wanted to be associated with us.

“I think there may be the odd message sent between the other girls but not with me, no.”

But despite having no contact with Vicky, Charlotte has revealed there’s no bad blood between them. Well, on her part at least.

She added, “No hard feelings however and wish the best for her.”

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