EXCLUSIVE! Chloe Brockett on secret Harry Lee feud: ‘You’re a f\*\*king liar!’

The TOWIE star has revealed the real reason she no longer speaks to her ex

Chloe Brocket Harry Lee secret feud

by Nathan Katnoria |

It’s fair to say that Chloe Brockett’s relationship with Harry Lee was quite the rollercoaster ride and it all played out on our screens from the very moment they joined the cast of TOWIE back in 2019. The pair quickly became caught up in a love triangle after Harry showed interest in Chloe before turning his attention to their fellow newcomer Chloe Ross, but the latter soon caught wind of his two-timing and sacked off their budding romance. This paved the way for Harry and Chloe B to continue dating, much to the disappointment of her pals Kelsey Stratford and Ella Wise.

But just months later, Chloe revealed she and Harry had split as they weren’t “compatible” and he moved on with Frankie Sims after a furious on-screen bust-up during which Chloe branded him, “sweaty, rude and fake”. Harry dated the youngest Sims sister for around a year but they broke up last October and it wasn’t long before Chloe was back on the scene, although just as Harry’s friend, when they patched things up.

Fast forward to the present day though and Chloe and Harry are no longer on speaking terms, as she revealed on social media this month. The reason why? Well, the reality star has revealed all exclusively to heat as she unlocked her phone to give us a glimpse inside her messages.

Chloe Brocket Harry Lee secret feud

When we asked about the last time she was in touch with Harry, Chloe admitted they’d recently fallen out after a secret off-screen row.

She explained, “I was last in touch with Harry Lee a few weeks ago. We had a bit of an argument. We always argue!

“I went to one of his events and afterwards he told Dan [Edgar] and Amber [Turner] that I was trying to stick it on him when I wasn’t. So, I messaged him and was like, ‘You’re a f--king deluded liar, don’t ever speak to me again!’ Shocker, it’s an argument with Harry.”

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Earlier this month, Chloe opened up about her now non-existent friendship with Harry – who was one of ten stars to be axed in a cast cull back in September – during an Instagram Q&A when one of her followers asked, “Still speak to Harry?”

The 21 year old, who recently launched her own clothing brand Miss Babe, replied, “I actually don’t! We was friends for a period of time after filming finished… but we’ve not really got anything in common! I suppose him being on TOWIE was the only reason we remained civil x.”

Chloe Brockett Harry Lee secret feud
©Instagram/Chloe Brockett

Chloe also told us about her shock friendship with former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan when we asked which famous faces have been sliding in her DMs. “It’s got to be Piers Morgan. Everyone finds that really weird but we know each other,” she said when asked to name the most surprising celeb in her inbox.

WATCH "You're a liar, don't speak to me again!" 😧 | TOWIE's Chloe Brockett unlocks her phone

She added, “Sometimes he DMs me little clappy faces and goes, ‘You’re doing really well!’ and then people see it and they’re like, ‘That’s so fucking weird’.”

It turns out Chloe met Piers when she was working in a swanky London hair salon as a teenager as she added, “We know each other because I used to work at a hair salon and the person I used to work with cut his hair so we got [to be] friends.

“The person I used to work with used to say to me, “Go and talk to him and entertain him,’ so I’d be like, “What you been doing lately?’ and he’d be like, ‘Filming a documentary about serial killers. What about you?’”

Who knows, maybe we’ll see them partying at The Sugar Hut one day?

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