Demi Sims SLAMS ‘disrespectful’ Francesca Farago after she revealed why they split

The TOWIE star has had her say on their messy break-up

Demi Sims slams Francesca Farago split

by Nathan Katnoria |

Demi Sims has hit out at her ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago after she spilled the tea about their break-up in a tell-all YouTube video.

Demi and Francesca’s four-month whirlwind romance came to an end last month just weeks after they moved in together in London and the Too Hot to Handle star told fans they’re “not on good terms” after the youngest Sims sister blocked her on social media and cut off all contact.

Francesca claims their relationship was “so blah” and “fizzled out” as they weren’t “doing anything fun”. The reality star and influencer, who is originally from Canada, also revealed Demi told her to leave the country now that their relationship is over.

Demi has now spoken out to tell her side of the story after Francesca’s tell-all hit the headlines, something the TOWIE star said has left her “hurt” and “disrespected”.

"So, I wasn’t going to address the Francesca video she uploaded last week," she began the lengthy statement. "After the weekend, I now feel I’m in an ok head space to respond. I’m dealing with a break-up [with] a girl I loved as well as seeing a lot across social media. She has portrayed me as a person I know I am not.

“I just want to put out there, a short statement to clear my name and defend myself a little bit as it is unfair on myself not to say a word."

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Demi continued, “The video was meant to be an apology video however I feel was nitpicked at me the whole time and the apology was just thrown in there at the end to make herself feel better. As you all know there are two sides to every story.

“It has hurt me that she has said I didn’t help her get to the UK, I did not back her with the Hayley Covid allegations and I blocked her and asked her to leave the UK. She full well knows I tried my best with her when coming to the UK.”

The Essex-based reality star added, “I blocked her because she had uploaded on Instagram literally two minutes after we had broke up. Like any other normal person, you don’t want to see what your ex is up to for a while whilst you’re trying to get over it. And she was posting as normal straight after our break-up, therefore I felt hurt.

“I asked her to leave the UK, as I told her I was going to find it really difficult her only being an hour down the road to me, and me not being able to be there with her. I didn’t say it in a malicious way, I asked nicely because I was hurting.”

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After responding to Francesca’s allegations, Demi told fans she’s ready to put the messy split behind her once and for all.

“I’m fed up, sick and tired with all the stuff I’m having to deal with after this break-up. At the end of the day, I am just a normal 24-year-old girl with real feelings and I feel like none have been taken into consideration,” she wrote.

“I want this to end here now, I don’t want to hear of anything more to do with her, I want the tagged comments to stop, I want her to forget about me and not speak another word. As that was all I was trying to do until that video came out. I am broken I’ve even had to defend myself and I couldn’t have just gotten over the break-up in peace.

“Good luck to her, I wish her all the happiness and hope we can leave this here now. She has her side of the story and I’ve just defended mine.”

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