Love Island: ‘Gemma Owen’s plans don’t include Luca Bish’

She’s got big plans – and he may not fit into them

gemma owen luca bish

by heat staff |

They might have made it all the way to the end of Love Island, but now the real test begins for Gemma Owen and Luca Bish. And with Gemma, 19, set to make millions in lucrative deals and appearances, some are questioning whether their relationship can withstand the pressure.

Now with more than a million Instagram followers to her name –  along with a famous dad in former footballer Michael, and a growing swimwear brand – there have even been predictions that Gemma could be “the next Molly-Mae Hague”, with sources saying that she plans to become a respected businesswoman like the 23-year-old former Islander. And brand and popular culture expert Nick Ede tells heat Gemma is on track to make it big.

“Obviously, for Gemma, it was a strategic move to go on Love Island. Being the daughter of a very famous footballer, it was quite risky because Michael’s got a reputation, to protect, too, and I think in the beginning, people felt thatmaybe she might tarnish it, doing various different things on TV. But, actually, she’s come across really well.”

Nick continues, “She’s pretty astute. She was an influencer before she went into the villa, so that set her up to understand exactly what the best things are for her to do. One of the most strategic things is that she has her lifestyle/swimwear brand, and I can see that getting bigger because of the way she’s been on the show. I think she does have the opportunity to become a Molly-Mae-type figure, both in regards to being the face of her own brand,
and maybe other brands.”

But after boyfriend and fellow contestant Luca’s behaviour on the show was labelled “toxic” and “controlling”, Nick wonders if the fishmonger will be the right fit for Gemma and her future career plans.

“She’s gorgeous and she’s got a great personality. She’s a girl-next-door-type who, I think, will appeal to a lot of people. She isn’t contentious,” Nick says. “But she may not have seen some of the negativity surrounding Luca’s comments. I think that, although they’ve declared love for each other in the villa, in the outside world, will there be forces who – from a branding, PR and career point of view – suggest that it maybe isn’t the best possible relationship? I don’t see it lasting, because I think her career, her fame and where she’s wanting to go will be much more important.”

But whatever happens for the pair, Nick is sure we’ll see big things from Gemma. “I think Gemma has longevity,” he says. “She has the family power behind her . And, like Molly-Mae, she ticks a lot of boxes. She’s more savvy than some of the girls who just want fame.”

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