Holly H TikTok: who is she? When did she blow up?

She's got 16 million TikTok followers, hun

holly h who is she what does she do

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She's got over a million followers on Instagram AND 16m on TikTok, which is pretty impressive tbh, but who is Holly H? Don't you worry huns, we've had a deep dive search all about her...

Who is Holly H?

Holly H is a social media influencer who first "blew up" on Vine waaaay back when. She managed to gain over 100,000 followers on the social media app but a month later it closed down.

However she then went over to Musical.ly (what TikTok used to be) and started building her following and she's now a full time content creator.

What is Holly H famous for?

You guessed it - social media. Well, TikTok to be more specific.

We should also make it pretty clear that Holly didn't grow her following without putting in hard work. She actually had to kind of convince her mum to pursue it as a job.

"I said, ‘Give me a year and if it doesn’t work, I’ll get a proper job’," she told Cosmo.

Luckily it all paid off and it is now her full-time job. She's even managed to bring out a collection with Skinny Dip and worked with Coca Cola.

What is Holly H's last name?

Holly H's full name is actually Holly Hubert.

Where is Holly H from?

Holly H actually lives in Guernsey and she's even showed off her boujee home on MTV Cribs.

How old is Holly H?

Holly H is 25 years old.

When is Holly H's birthday?

Her birthday is 17 October 1996.

What is Holly H's TikTok?

You can check out Holly H's TikTok @HollyH.

Does Holly H have Instagram?

She sure does. In fact, Holly has over 1.3million Instagram followers. Why not add to her follow count @hollyh?

Does Holly H have Twitter?

Yup. You can follow Holly H's Twitter @hollyh.

Also can we just say, we're kind of obsessed with this very relatable tweet... LOL.

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Does Holly H have YouTube?

She does have YouTube but she's not posted a new video in over a year... However you can still binge the rest of her YouTube videos @HollyH.

What is Holly H's Snapchat?

Like everything else, you can follow Holly at hollyhisweird.

What is Holly H's net worth?

She's a successful influencer so she's definitely earning a lot more than us (sob).

According to ITV, it's estimated that she can earn a whopping £62,170.77 for one TikTok video... Brb, we're about to start building our own TikTok empire.

Who is the most followed person on TikTok in the UK?

Well, this article is about Holly H so you'd think she's the most followed UK TikTok influencer but you'd be wrong. She was until Kyle Thomas took over.

Kyle has 24.4m followers, Holly H has 16.4m and closely behind her is Abby Roberts with 16.3m.

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