EXCLUSIVE: Holly Hagan reveals reason she doesn’t follow Chloe Ferry amid feud rumours

It was claimed the Geordie Shore pair fell out when Holly didn't invite Chloe to her wedding

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They starred alongside each other on Geordie Shore for seven series, but rumours that Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry had fallen out began swirling earlier this year when it was revealed that Chloe didn’t receive an invite to Holly’s wedding to her footballer fiancé Jacob Blyth.

It was later reported that the pair had fallen out while filming the Geordie Shore reunion when “a lot of old secrets came out on camera”, which – when coupled with the fact they don’t follow each other on Instagram – led fans to speculate that Holly and Chloe were feuding.

But, speaking exclusively to heat ahead of the premier of Geordie Shore: The Reunion, Holly insisted there was no drama between her and Chloe as she revealed the real reason she doesn’t follow her co-star on social media.

holly hagan chloe ferry
There have been rumours of a feud between Geordie Shore co-stars Holly and Chloe ©Getty

Holly told us, "There was absolutely not one bit of drama between me and Chloe during filming.

“Obviously I don’t follow Chloe on social media and the only reason for that is because she promotes Herbalife. I just don’t want to see that. I’m a recovering bulimic, I get triggered by things like that and it’s not something that I want to see on my feed. So, to protect my own mental health, it’s just something I don’t want to see.

“When Chloe and I are in a room together, we have the best time. I had a great time with Chloe when we filmed. I really really do get along with her in person as a person. I think she’s a great girl and I see a small, small, very tiny, minute part of myself in her from the early days of Geordie Shore.”

She added, “It’s just one of those things that you’re not going to be best friends with everybody who you work with. But there certainly wasn’t any fallout with me and Chloe. There wasn’t any drama.

“It’s just the simple fact that she promotes Herbalife, I don’t want to see it. If we’re ever in a room together we’ll have a laugh.”

holly hagan chloe ferry
Holly and Chloe are among the Geordie Shore legends reuniting for a brand new series ©Getty

This all comes after Chloe denied she was "snubbed" from Holly's Ibiza wedding. She told OK!, "I don't read the papers, so I didn't see it until I got tagged in something, and then Holly put something up saying it wasn't just Chloe not invited.

"Me and Holly have never been close, I would never have been invited to her wedding. She's known [other Geordie Shore stars] Scotty [T] and James [Tindale] for 10 years and they weren't invited, it's a shame that I've been brought in when I've already been going through a hard time. That has nothing to do with it."

Geordie Shore: The Reunion premieres on Tuesday 20 September at 10pm on Paramount+ UK and MTV.

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