Megan Barton-Hanson reveals her interesting solution to self-isolation boredom

Whatever floats your boat, Megs

Megan Barton-Hanson

by Nathan Katnoria |

Self-isolation has given us a lot more free time and while we’ve been wiling away the hours by watching back to back episodes of Tracy Beaker (and going for the occasional lunchtime jog), Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson has shared her own novel way of keeping boredom at bay while we’re all on lockdown.

She took to Instagram to update fans on what she’s getting up to during self-isolation and teased she was passing the time by taking nude selfies and using sex toys.

Blimey. Well, what else is there to do when all your fave telly shows have been cancelled?

Megs re-posted a meme drawn by designers Miss Gloria to her her Instagram story, with the caption, “When your weekends feel like your weekdays: s--t to do on a #lockdown 💅🏽.”

Megan Barton Hanson instagram story
©Instagram/ @missgloriadesign

The activities included, “Take some banging nudes”, “Decide which vibrator you like best”, “Hoover your room for the 300th time”, and “Take a midday nap or two.”

CHECK OUT the best sex toys to make self-isolation more exciting


Sex toys for self isolation

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CREDIT: Love Honey

BEHOLD: the Rabbit of the future. So named for its ear like clitoral ticklers, the Rabbit is still the most iconic sex toy around. This sleek black one by luxury sex toy brand Lelo not only looks super sexy, the brands trademark 'rumbly' vibrations coupled with G spot stimulations offer the most intense orgasms we've had.

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CREDIT: Love Honey

If you've not tried a magic wand, prepare to have your mind well and truly blown. The UK's favourite sex toy website reimagines the classic Hitatchi wand that promises to be "stronger, quieter and more powerful than ever before." It plugs into the literal wall socket so that should give you an idea as to how robust this thing is.

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CREDIT: Womanizer

The latest in sex toy tech means stimulation through air pressure and German company Womanizer was the first to develop sucky-air technology (the technical term) in the most beautiful, palm sized toys. This bad boy offers a totally distinct experience, gently "sucking" the clitoris rather than using vibration to get you off. It's not cheap, but it's worth the money.

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CREDIT: Love Honey

Welcome to the wonderful world of teledildonics – toys that hook up to apps on your phone. If you have a long-distance bae who you can't see now you're self-isolating, then we have just the sex toy for you – a wireless wearable vibrator which can be controlled by anyone you give access to, through an app. Cor, we know how we're spending our next 'date night'.

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CREDIT: Beauty Bay

If it's good old-fashioned penetration you're after, this cute vibrating dildo manages to avoid being intimidating whilst still packing a punch. Its angled head and clever detached motor deliver direct G spot stimulation with a ridged shaft for added sensation. Like all good sex toys it's got various pulsation modes and is completely waterproof – it's basically your new boyfriend.

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CREDIT: Love Honey

While the Orgasm Gap (quite rightly) means most of the pleasure industry is designed with women in mind, toys for the man in your life do exist. Now, we don't have the appropriate hardware to confirm, this warming masturbator is 'designed to mimic the sensations of the mouth' and looks hella cool to boot. Order one for your other half and let him in on the fun.

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While our social feeds are full of family's bonding over long-forgotten boardgames, don't underestimate the good clean (kind of ) fun of adult games. This dice set contains six die - red is an action, blue is a body part and green is a part of your house to get up to business in. Just THINK of the combinations you could roll...

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For a purse-friendly option that's discreet but no less powerful, a classic bullet is a fail-safe option and a staple of any sex toy collection. This rechargeable one from Loving Joy delivers precise external stimulation, without the faff of tracking down tiny batteries for it.

It sounds like Megan isn’t the only one spicing up self-isolation either as the global pleasure industry has recently reported a major spike in sales, with one sex toy brand reporting an increase of up to 71% percent in Italy, and 13% in the UK.

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Megan’s latest post comes just a few weeks after she was slammed as “vain” and “selfish” by some fans for seemingly making light of self-isolation guidelines.

The former Love Islander put on a very booby display as she posed in bed wearing a pair of cutesy PJs and a sultry expression – but not everyone was impressed by her antics.

One commenter shot, “I have a lot of time for you, you are beautiful… however, I’m a nurse in the NHS and feel it was an inappropriate post.

“Making light of being 'isolated' and, let’s face it, you are not… there are thousands of older people who have to isolate, there are thousands of people with autoimmune diseases that have to isolate…"

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