Millie Court’s latest Instagram photo has got everyone talking – here’s why

Even on International Women’s Day, Love Island winner Millie had to shut down questions surrounding her body and it just has to stop


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This week marked International Women’s Day (8 March), a global day dedicated to celebrating women in all ways. Lifting them up and highlighting the many issues that women face in today’s society, whether that be the ability to walk home safely at night without being petrified that they might not actually make it home or trying to close the gender pay gap (still).

Our insta feeds were full of our fave influencers and social media stars shouting about each other’s achievements and it was LOVELY TO SEE.

Reigning Love Island queen Millie Court, who is currently living her best life with boyfriend Liam Reardon, joined in, posting a snap of herself at her "most vulnerable" and explaining that she’s finally loving everything about herself, flaws and all.

Alongside three photos of herself in a loose blue dress, Millie wrote, ​​"✨ HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY ✨Today is a day where we can celebrate us. I have so many women in my life who inspire me every day and I wanted to give a little something today that can hopefully inspire one of you."

Millie continued, “Loving our imperfections can be difficult, but when you learn to embrace them and realise that our imperfections don’t define us, they are just a part of us alongside everything else that creates you as a person. None of us are the same, and that’s a special thing. We are one of a kind 🤍

"This picture shows me at my most vulnerable… but I’m learning to love myself, imperfections and all. And so should you.

“I want you all to comment on this photo at least one thing you love about yourself today 🖤.”

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However, it was the comments that made us all collectively sigh, as even though Millie invited her followers to say something positive, there were still frankly intrusive comments asking Millie if she could be pregnant - questions that many are not comfortable answering.

Millie later took to her story to explain that she is not pregnant, but she is sick of being torn apart, especially as she’s well aware she has "put on weight" since Love Island doesn't think it’s a bad thing.

Quoting some the comments, Millie wrote, "I've been getting a lot of these messages and comments recently..."

"NO, I am not pregnant although one day hopefully I will be and I'm sure it'll be one of the happiest days of my life but being a woman, especially in the public eye, I've now experienced what it's like to be absolutely torn apart by the way you look, dress, act etc and it can be hard on someone to be constantly judged."

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She continued, "I personally feel like I am a very strong girl so those words don't often hurt me, and neither does this.

"Hence why I am trying my best to show everyone you are beautiful no matter way, without all the editing and filters.

"But if you have made this comment to someone, just think about how that someone could take that and it could potentially hurt. This is of course indicating that someone's put on weight and almost feels like a nicer way to say are you pregnant or are you just packing on the pounds?"

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Millie also revealed that she "lost several" pounds before appearing on Love Island and went from a "size 10 to a 6".

"It was the smallest I've ever been as an adult," she penned.

"Because of my height, this made me look unhealthily skinny, of which I was (not eating barely anything, feeling ill all the time, tired, dizzy etc) and I remember looking at myself, I'd lost my boobs and my bum and those curves I once had and I MISSED THEM."

Even though the majority of the comments on Millie's post were positive, it’s really time to stop asking women if they’re pregnant or questioning why they have put on or lost weight, please. It’s reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards that we, as women, are fighting so hard to leave in the past.

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