Paige Thorne reveals new details of ‘deluded’ Adam Collard’s cheating

'Your body doesn't compensate for the way you treat women'

by Ben Pulsford |

You know when you fill the kettle up for a nice cuppa tea first thing? And then you fill it up with too much water? Stay with us here...

So, you have your first cup of tea and it goes down nicely, and then an hour later, you fancy another one (of course you do; your thirsty af and addicted to tea). Well, lucky for our lazy arse, there's already loads of water left in the kettle - all we've got to do is reboil. So, we reboil, make a second cuppa out of it, sit back down, take a few sips and realise this hot cup of loveliness is even better than the first cuppa. It's piping, it's strong, it's satisfying.

Got all that? Well, that analogy applies to Love Island's Paige Thorne and Adam Collard's spilled tea.

Adam Collard Paige Thorne

The first round of tea – i.e. the nuggetgate video, the bad girl RiRi-esque transformation of Miss Thorne, and the Ekin-Su relationship update – was okay; a mild quencher. But the second cuppa, ooo the second cuppa - consider us quenched, lush and LIVING, because the second round of tea comes straight from Paige's mouth and it is SCALDING and LUSH.

We all got there in the end. Thanks for sticking with, honey buns.

We're not quite sure whether that imagery worked, but you get the idea right? Paige has finally spilled the beans on hers and Adam's split and this tea spillage could cause third-degree burns.

Over the last few weeks – ever since Adam was filmed wrapped around a fresher waiting for nuggets in McDonald's like the tortilla of The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One – Paige has remained dignified and silent as rumours of the pair's split have taken OFF.

Luckily for all of us Love Island fans – but especially us Love Island fans who work in entertainment journalism – the Welsh paramedic decided to have her say on a 30-minute podcast and not in some throwaway social media post. This tea spillage is epic – like a flood at Whittard epic.

Paige is the latest guest on GK Barry's (our absolute fave) podcast, Saving Grace podcast (which is basically porn to us reality telly-loving gossip addicts), and Grace wasted no time getting to what we all came here for – her split with Adam Collard. And Paige clearly came ready to spill.

Grace flat-out asked Paige – who "saw [the videos] the same time everyone else did" – whether Adam already knew the infamous nugget-gate girl. She replied, "They’re not friends. And do you know what? It’s not just them videos. There are other videos which other people don’t know about – so there’s more to the story – of different people of the same night on different occasions.”

Paige continued, “At first I was like, ‘it’s just an arm’. I get that everyone’s a little bit flirty – there’s nothing to it. I’m in a club and a guy puts his arm around me – is it cheating? No.

"And then these other videos come out, yeah? And I’m just like…I can’t justify this. With other girls.”

For once we're speechless. So here's a teapot emoji 🫖

But the tea spilling didn't end there (seriously, a flood at Whittard). Grace went on to ask Paige whether the other videos involved bedrooms. Gulp.

Paige responded, "More like VIP toilets”.

She continued, "The first [video] I saw was Maccies. The second one I saw was in the club. Great, love that. And then, the other ones I saw were sent to me personally in DMs by other people. I tried to keep quiet on the situation because I don’t want anymore drama.”

Grace – who was visibly just as stunned as the rest of us – asked whether she felt the urge to get back at Adam, to which Paige replied, "I would love to go full ham, but is it worth my energy? No."

Paige concluded, "We had a great time. We had a nice time. Did deep down I always knew I was gonna get done over? Did I get Collarded?”

Understandably, Love Island fans have been up in arms since the nugget-gate video started doing the rounds, with plenty of girls coming for Adam Collard in defence of Paige.

One YouTube subscriber commented, "Oh stoppp. Hearing her say about what happened with Adam hurt my heart. Bless her she doesn’t deserve that. What a prick!!"

Another Love Island commented on one of Adam's recent Instagram posts (in which he is showing off his athletic bod) saying, "Your body doesn't compensate for the way you treat women."

Another commented, "ewwww...just no...really ain't all that but sure he thinks he is doesn't he...deluded man."

A third added, "Once a cheater always a cheater."

Best put some ice and a cream on those third degree burns, Adam.

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