Victoria Beckham gone wild: vodka, karaoke and beach PDAs

The pair let loose on their superyacht summer holiday

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It’s that time of year when the A-list sail off on to sunnier climes, sharing pictures of themselves living la vida loca on yachts bigger than our houses. And this year, it’s all about Victoria and David Beckham, who’ve been spending the summer on board a superyacht fittingly named The Madsummer.

Victoria and David Beckham have been enjoying their luxury getaway, sailing to dreamy destinations such as Croatia, Saint-Tropez and the Amalfi Coast. On board the lavish boat – which costs £1.6million a week to charter – the couple have been joined by family and friends, including their two youngest children, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11, and Cruz’s new girlfriend, Tana Holding. Missing from the holiday have been their two eldest sons, with Brooklyn, 23, busy in the US with his wife, Nicola Peltz, and 19-year-old Romeo playing football for his dad’s team, Inter Miami.

And a source tells heat that the trip – estimated to have cost the couple £4m in total – came at the perfect time for Posh, who was ready to let loose after years of stress over her fashion business and family brand. “Vic is a new person this summer,” says the insider.

“The wake-up call was all the drama regarding Brooklyn and Nicola – she got so worked up about them wanting to distance themselves from the family and Brand Beckham. Having basically achieved everything she ever wanted in life, she realised it was crazy to still be fretting about her career and building a business empire.”

Our source adds that her biggest motivation came from the feeling of being pushed out by Nicola’s family, who apparently felt Posh wasn’t quite posh enough. “She wanted to be good friends with the Peltzes, but they are quite different people, so she’s just said sod it,” our insider says. “She’s finally realised she’ll never please everyone and the only thing she should be focused on is having the most fun on her own terms, so she’s choosing to live it up instead.”

And living it up is exactly what VB has done, sharing her wild side with her 30m followers – and it’s clear David, 47, thoroughly approved. He managed to drag the fashionista onto a jet ski, with Victoria sharing a snap of her clinging onto his waist with the caption, “What next?” Once the adrenaline died down, Posh blissfully revealed how a fresh vodka tonic and a kindle was all she needed to be in “Mummy’s happy place”.

We have a feeling the superyacht might contribute to her new sense of bliss, along with the fact the star – who recently revealed she does strict detoxes where she doesn’t drink any alcohol – had an ice-cold beverage in her hand much of the time. Who knows, maybe she’s even been indulging in some pasta? You’re only on a superyacht in Italy once (until next summer, obviously).

The Madsummer boasts an impressive ten suites, a swimming pool, sauna, cinema and gym, as well as a dance floor, which the Beckhams made the most of. Vic threw it back to her Spice Girl days and channelled her inner Posh for a performance of the girl band classic Stop!, with David sharing a video of “karaoke night with the one and only Posh Spice” on Instagram.

David also whipped out his classic school disco dance moves, with Vic telling fans, “After 25 years, David showed me his worm,” before son Romeo addressed the cheeky reference with a typical teen comment of, “Mum, u gotta change that caption.”

But this holiday hasn’t just been about family time. The Beckhams have been busy catching up with their rich and famous pals, who are also floating round Europe this summer. Supermodel Gigi Hadid bagged herself an invite on board their party boat and was pictured embracing David – the Hadids and the Beckhams reportedly met through daughter-in-law Nicola, who briefly dated Gigi’s brother Anwar. And stepping off their boat for a quick lunch with a billionaire friend, David and Victoria treated us all to a proper movie moment as the former England footballer swooped his wife into his arms to carry her across the beach.

And our source says David is “thrilled” at Vic’s new-found sense of freedom.  “He’s joking he’s exhausted keeping up with her, but he’s loving this fun holiday version of Vic,” our insider says. “Instead of being glued to her phone working, she’s got loads of energy and is in a really playful mood. They’ve had an amazing holiday, with some lovely moments.

“She’s been trying to make everything they do super-fun and meaningful. For Victoria, it’s all about family time,
so it meant a lot for her to be surrounded by the people she loves. She was determined to make the most of it.”

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