Wait, what? Zara McDermott met Sam Thompson BEFORE she went on Love Island?

Who knew?

Zara McDermott knew Sam Thompson before Love Island

by Lucy Smith |

Zara McDermott has taken to social media to show fans the first time she met Sam Thompson - and it was before she went on Love Island.

Joining every celeb and their dog on the "Show me a pic of..." Instagram trend, the former Love Islander posted a snap from the first time she met her Made in Chelsea boyfriend, writing that the first time she saw him was in "2017 or 2018."

Alongside the photo, in which the Love Island star can be seen licking a birthday cake, Zara told fans that she was first introduced to Sam in a club.

She said, "I first met Sam on this night πŸ˜‚ i actually didn't really know who he was until my friend told me!"

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Adam Collard

Before going on the show and dating Kendall, Rosie, (almost) Megan, Zara and Darylle, Adam was just a 22-year-old personal trainer and gym director from Newcastle.

zara mcdermott when she first met sam
During Love Island, Zara coupled up with Adam Collard. Β©Instagram @zara_mcdermott

At least she's honest...

She continued, "We obvs didn't get a pic together cos that would have been weird πŸ˜‚. I hadn't done Love Island at this point I was still working in Government!"

Who knew, eh?

Zara went on to share a video from her and Sam's first date, showing followers a clip of the pair chatting to the camera where they were, according to her, "so drunk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚."

The MIC star muted the clip, leaving fans to puzzle out what she and her boyfriend were saying and, quite frankly, our sub-par lip reading skills weren't up to the task.

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Continuing to spill the tea on all things Zara and Sam (we can't get enough, tbh), the model showed off the gorgeous jewelled bracelet that Sam gave her last summer.

Sharing a snap of the item on her wrist, alongside two beaded bracelets with the letters Z and S, and "love wins" on them, Zara wrote, "Sam gave it to me in summer 2019 and I've never taken it off since ❀️."

zara mcdermott bracelet sam
During their break up, Zara posted the words, "Love wins," to her Instagram Story. Β©Instagram @zara_mcdermott

About the other two, Zara added that they "mean the 🌍to [her]."

Naww, those guys.

Zara also gave fans a glimpse of the engagement ring that she'd hypothetically like. Hmmm, should we expect wedding bells soon, Z?

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