A look back at Alison Hammond’s iconic Big Brother moments from 2002

The television icon found fame on Big Brother in 2002

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It's hard to believe the queen of daytime telly (sorry, Holly) Alison Hammond found fame over two decades ago on Big Brother 3 back in 2002. But, face it, the majority of Big Brother housemates ride those fame waves for about a month after being evicted – or removed – from the house and then disappear into the showbiz abyss never to be heard from again.

Remember these celebs were celebing long before the time of Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans (just saying).

The Brummie babe is arguably one – if not the – biggest name to come out of Big Brother UK. She has gone on to become of the UK's biggest presenters, one of the faces of This Morning and has even co-hosted The BAFTAs.

But before she was brushing shoulders with the biggest names in showbiz, she was sharing a grotty bedroom with the likes of Kate Lawler, Adele Roberts and the late Jade Goody, with millions of Brits watching them as they slept live on E4 night after night. It was a different time.

Although she was only in the Big Brother house for 15 days before being evicted, Alison was one of the biggest characters of Big Brother 3 gaining a legion of fans for her endless antics inside the world's most famous house (soz, Buckingham and White).

Alison Hammond Big Brother

Remember when she instigated the sex position challenge – in our eyes, essentially laying the foundations for the iconic Love Island staple? How about the time she robbed a few live chickens of their eggs? No?

Okay, well surely you remember the time she fell through a garden table trying to spot security guards patrolling the Big Brother house?

Timeless scenes.

Who is Alison Hammond?

Alison Hammond is a former Big Brother contestant and one of the UK's biggest television personalities. She is currently one of the hosts on This Morning.

How old is Alison Hammond?

Alison was born on 5 February 1975, which makes her 48 years old.

What does Alison Hammond do for a living?

Alison is a television presenter on This Morning; she is also a reality star and author.

Where is Alison Hammond from?

Alison is famously from Birmingham.

When was Alison Hammond on Big Brother?

Alison took part in Big Brother 3 in 2002.

How long did Alison last on Big Brother?

Alison lasted just 15 days in the Big Brother house before being evicted.

Does Alison Hammond have a son?

She does. She has an 18 year-old son called Aiden Hammond. Alison and her ex-husband Noureddine Boufaied had Aiden in 2005, three years after she found fame on Big Brother.

Has Alison Hammond worked with Ant and Dec?

Alison worked with Ant and Dec on an episode of Saturday Night Takeaway earlier this year – she famously almost ruined one of their classic pranks.

Is Alison Hammond in a relationship?

Alison is a single Pringle. She confirmed she was single on This Morning in March 2023, following reports that she was engaged to ex-boyfriend Ben Hawkins.

What perfume does Alison Hammond wear?

According to Alison, she wears Dior Hypnotic Poison.

What is Alison Hammond doing in 2023?

Alison is living her best life hosting This Morning. Last year, she released a kids' book called Black In Time and her autobiography, You’ve Got To Laugh: Stories from a Life Lived to the Full.

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