CBB: Ekin-Su’s OnlyFans comments could be her ‘downfall’ – is THIS why she made them?

The former Love Island star has been heavily critisized for her comments about the social media platform

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For a hot sec she was the bookies' fave to be crowned the queen of this year's Celebrity Big Brother but it looks as though Love Island winner Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu has put her foot in it.

During a chat on a recent episode of CBB the Love Island 2022 winner made some comments about those who work with OnlyFans and her views have not been well received by Big Brother fans.

The former Islander was talking to Sharon Osborne and the Real Housewives of Cheshire's Lauren Simon - who is our new favourite hun by the way- when the subject of OnlyFans was brought up.

ekin-su found fame n love island ©itv - love island

Sharon quizzed, "What message is she sending out to other young girls?”

The 'she' in question is not only an OnlyFans creator who is making serious bank from being on the website but also happens to be daughter of model / actress / reality TV icon Denise Richards.

Lauren clearly doesn't have issues with people making dollar in such a way as she said, “I was talking to someone, and they made a million pounds that year, on OnlyFans.”

cbb cast
cbb housemates ©shuttershock for big brother

ONE MILLION POUNDS? IN A YEAR? Sign us up, baby.

But it turns out Ekin-Su wasn't quite of the same mindset as she replied, "I’d rather have zero pounds than a million pounds doing it the wrong way but have pride."

It turns out that viewers of CBB didn't not appreciate Ekin-Su's remarks with Twitter becoming full of fury towards the Islander.

ekin-su and Davide
ekin su and Davide won love island ©itv - love island

"V hypocritical for Ekin-Su to say OnlyFans is the “wrong way” to make money when she went on a TV show where you walk around half naked and snog people to win 100K," one viewer wrote.

Another tweeted, "I love how Ekin-Su is looking down her nose at Only Fans and she's literally only famous for being on Love Island"

Another added, "Big Brother is the downfall of Ekin-Su, should have stuck to Love Island."

However, some Ekin stans are still stanning, with one writing, "I won’t stand for any Ekin-Su bashing! We need get her into the final."

Davide poses in tiny blue panst
Ekin-Su's ex Davide poses in his pants for heat ©Marco Vittur

But Ekin-Su's negative thoughts on OnlyFans could stem from a personal place as she is reported to believe that her split from Davide Sanclimenti may have featured a third party.

Guess what that third party person does to make some extra cash?

Yep, OnlyFans.

According to The Sun, Sylvija Vasilevska is the model who found herself caught up in the Ekin-Su x Davide scandal and she is NOT happy about it.

"She’s convinced I’m the girl [that broke them up], but I am not," the content creator told the tabloid. "Of course Ekin is upset but it’s got nothing to do with me.”

Sylvija also revealed that Davide has, "liked a few of my stories," but “I would never go near a guy who has a girlfriend.”

She added, "No offence to them but I couldn’t care less about their relationship."

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