Big Brother fans share where they’ve seen Kerry Riches before and it’s not on Deal or No Deal

Kerry is a housemate on ITV's debut series of Big Brother


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Now the contestants have been in the Big Brother house for a good few days, that wonderful feeling is starting to sink in for us viewers; you know, that feeling that also kicks in with new Islanders within the first few days of a fresh series of Love Island...

We're starting to feel like we know these housemates back to front and inside out, even though we've never actually met them. Ain't reality television cute/terrifying?

One of those new housemates that we already want to invite round for a cuppa/go on a cute little girls holiday with is NHS manager Kerry. One word: gem.

Kerry Riches Big Brother promo picture
Kerry ©©ITV Plc

She's already solidifying her BB role as mother of the house (alongside Farida Khalifa, of course) and, frankly, we just want her to look after us forever and ever.

If you've been reading up on our Kerry, then you've probably already read that she has a bit of TV past, in that she was once on Deal or No Deal and won a whopping £35,000, not to mention the fact that she was once an Adele impersonator on a BBC sketch in 2015.

But eagle-eyed Big Brother fans are convinced they've seen Kerry on the box on a reality series before – and that reality series is TOWIE; in that they reckon she is the doppelgänger of series legend Gemma Collins.

To be fair, they're both giving icon and they both have Big Brother in common.

Upon Kerry's entrance into the house, one fan took to Big Brother's official Instagram page to comment, "She is literally the GC."

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins ©Dave Benett/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

Another wrote, "Go on Gemma Colins the second 😂."

A third even commented, "I'M CLAUSTROPHOBIC DARREN." Extra points for that one.

We think it's just the Essex accent, but it made us chuckle. And tbh, if Kerry delivers ten per cent of the drama that the GC delivered during her eight years on TOWIE, then she might just become our new favourite reality telly star by the end of the year.

To summarise: we love Kerry almost as much as she loves a sausage.

Who is Kerry Riches?

Kerry is a housemate on ITV's debut series of Big Brother.

AJ Odudu, Will Best and Kerry at Big Brother launch night
AJ Odudu, Will Best and Kerry ©Shutterstock for Big Brother

How old is Kerry Riches?

Kerry is 40 years old.

Where is Kerry Riches from?

She is from Essex.

What does Kerry Riches do for a living?

Kerry is a NHS Manger. See, icon.

How would Kerry Riches' family describe her?

According to Kerry, her family would call her "a lot of fun".

She adds, "I'm a bit of a force to be reckoned with. I'm a doer and I'm quite competitive."

Has Kerry Riches been on TV before?

Yes. She was once on Deal or No Deal and won £35,000. According to the internet, Kerry also starred in a BBC sketch in 2015 as an Adele impersonator. This one's definitely not afraid of the camera...

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