Love Island’s Ciaran Davies reveals how he’ll ‘wind up’ the Islanders and it’s giving Messy Mitch

Will he rub the other Love Island 2024 contestants the wrong way?

Ciaran Davies and Mitch Taylor

by Nathan Katnoria |
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If you’re a Love Island fan – and you’re on heatworld, so it’s safe to assume you are – then you’ll no doubt have already seen the 12 new contestants that will be taking part in the new series of the ITV2 show.

And with Love Island 2024 just days away, it’s time to get to know these reality telly newbies a whole lot better. Let’s start with Welsh rugby fittie Ciaran Davies, shall we?

Ahead of the new series, Ciaran has admitted that he can be a bit of a “wind-up merchant” and, honestly, we’re kinda getting Messy Mitch Taylor vibes.

Ciaran Davies
Ciaran said he can be a 'wind-up merchant' ©ITV Pictures

Speaking about what he’s like to live with, Ciaran issued a bit of warning to his fellow Islanders. He said, “I feel like what people may find a little bit annoying about me is there’s a time and a place to start winding and grinding gears, maybe if it’s in the wrong situation, if I start to be little wind-up, that might push them a little bit over the edge.”

He continued, “But that’s the only thing really I could say, before adding, “Oh, actually I’m snorer.”

We hope you’ve packed your ear plugs, Islanders.

Ciaran Davies
Ciaran's looking for love in the villa ©ITV Pictures

Although he loves a bit of banter, Ciaran went on to say that he knows where to draw the line. He explained, “I say I’m a wind-up merchant, only to a certain extent. I never want to come across as being horrible to someone or hurt someone's feelings.

“If say me and one of the boys or one of the girls are having a little bit of back and forth banter, I’m quite good in that aspect.”

However, the 21-year-old rugby player needs the lady in his life to be able to keep up with him.

“Hopefully they can have a good joke,” he said of the girls in the villa. “I feel like if they can get past that, I feel like there could be quite a few good connections.”

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