Love Island’s Faye Winter opens up on moving in with Teddy Soares: ‘The worst thing happened’ 😱

The Love Island 2021 stars only recently moved in together

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Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time can be tough, there’s chores, privacy, the realisation that they want to keep the ketchup in the cupboard and not the fridge.

However Love Island’s Faye Winter revealed that her first few days in her new home with Teddy Soares was tougher than most after explaining to her fans about a horrific mishap.

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Faye and Teddy recently moved in together ©Getty

The couple recently revealed on Instagram that they had moved into their new luxury home, writing "We are so lucky to be able to share this amazing journey together and with you all!

"We have lots of work to do and can’t wait to show you everything along the way! We’ve spent the last few days enjoying this step in a bubble just us two but now we can’t wait to show you everything! 🤍".

But not everything has been playing saying for the two after Faye admitted that she nearly "burned the house down".

Say that again, hun?

In a new YouTube video titled MOVING IN MADNESS the Love Island favourites revealed the shocking details.

As they showed fans another glimpse inside their new home, Teddy teased as Faye admitted, "So, we obviously got our Dominos which we always get."

Teddy joked, "I was at the shops at this point, so you can cancel me out of the story."

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Teddy coming back to the main villa single with Faye’s stuffed animal

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"Yeah but if you hadn't have gone to the shop I wouldn't have had to heat the Dominos up," Faye added.

"He went to the shop and I put the pizza in the oven and I went upstairs and I could smell burning and I thought wow, I really hope that's the candle."

Faye admitted she made the rookie (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS) mistake of putting the pizza in oven while it was still in the cardboard box.

"I'll give her the benefit of the doubt though because I'm sure everyone puts the cardboard in the oven," Teddy said.

Faye went on to admit she didn’t know what to do, so she chucked water into oven while she called Teddy crying. Luckily in the end, nobody was hurt, and their new home is still standing, with Faye admitting it was "the worst thing that had happened" since they'd moved in.

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It's safe to say they're doing a lot better compared to their rocky time in the villa. Remember, Love Island received over 25,000 viewer complaints after Faye kicked off after she watched a clip of Teddy in Casa Amor with Clarisse Juliette?

When Teddy's brothers entered the villa in the final week, they didn’t hold back telling Faye, "You were terrible, you were terrible, you were really bad."

Faye winter towie
Faye appeared with Teddy's brothers in the video ©Youtube

But with his brothers featuring in the couple’s recent YouTube video, it seems all that drama is now a thing of the past – phew.

With Teddy exclusively telling heat, "My brothers absolutely love Faye. My mum absolutely loves Faye. Every time we’re seen in the media and the press, [my mum] is always gloating about how [Faye] looks."

However things did get a little awks recently when Faye and his family watched Teddy take part in ITV’sThe Real Full Monty.

"My family were literally sat there at the table when I stripped it off. It was always going to be awkward for everyone," Teddy laughed. "It was not going to be a situation where everyone was going to look and be like, ‘Oh look, he’s got his dong out!’ I’m sure it was awkward."

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