Love Island’s Hugo Hammond unveils jaw-dropping post-villa transformation

The 2021 Islander showed off his new look with a ‘thirst trap’

Hugo Hammond body transformation

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It seems like only yesterday that the last series of Love Island came to an end but it’s actually been almost six months since the show finished when Millie Court and Liam Reardon were crowned champions – and bagged the £50,000 prize money – over runners-up Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran.

The 2021 Islanders have been up to all sorts since then, with Liberty Poole going on to take part in Dancing On Ice, while Millie launched a major collab with ASOS and Georgia Townend went back to her pre-fame job at Lidl.

Others have been using their time to work on honing their physiques in the gym, including former school teacher Hugo Hammond who recently took to Instagram to show off the result of his efforts with a “thirst trap”.

Hugo Hammond body transformation

Alongside before and after pictures to show the results of his one-month transformation, Hugo revealed how exactly he'd achieved his toned new bod as he explained, "Dry Jan + good food choices 👌🏻 On our way to getting that 'Love Island' rig back 🤣".

Hugo Hammond body transformation
hugo showed off his transformation on instagram ©Instagram/Hugo Hammond

He also told his followers that he'd been in the gym every day for 30 days and had run over 150 kilometres throughout the month.

We're exhausted just thinking about it...

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Love Island 2021's stars jobs before the show

Kaz Kamwi1 of 12

Kaz Kamwi - fashion influencer

Before heading into the villa, Kaz was already an influencer (with 71k followers) and could have been earning up to £1,000 per post. So annually she could have been making £57,200.

Teddy Soares2 of 12

Teddy Soares - senior financial consultant

Teddy already had a pretty stable career before his time in the villa. He was a senior financial consultant in Manchester means he could have been earning around £42k a year.

Jake Cornish3 of 12

Jake Cornish - water engineer

OG Islander Jake was a water engineer in Weston-super-Mare before going into the villa which means he could have been making £38k a year.

Chloe Burrows4 of 12

Chloe Burrows - marketing executive in financial services

Chloe, the most iconic bombshell from Love Island 2021, was a marketing executive in financial services before going into the villa. She could have been earning £36,700 a year.

Abigail Rawlings5 of 12

Abigail Rawlings - tattoo artist

Abigail was a tattoo artist in Bournemouth before her stint on Love Island and she could have been earning £35k a year.

Tyler Cruickshank6 of 12

Tyler Cruickshank - estate agent

Bombshell Tyler was an estate agent in Croydon before going on the ITV show. Who knows whether he'll return to his job but he could have been earning around £29k a year.

Millie Court7 of 12

Millie Court - fashion buyer assistant

Millie is arguably the best dressed in the Love Island 2021 villa and that may be because of her job as a fashion buyer assistant for ASOS. At her old job in London, Millie could have been earning £26k a year.

Hugo Hammond8 of 12

Hugo Hammond - trainee PE teacher

Because Hugo only completed part of his teacher training, he wasn't actually a full-time PE teacher but nevertheless he could have still be earning £25,750 a year.

Faye Winter9 of 12

Faye Winter - lettings manager

Faye was a lettings manager in Devon and she could have been earning around £25k a year.

Liam Reardon10 of 12

Liam Reardon - bricklayer

As a bricklayer in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, Liam may have been earning £22,800 a year.

Toby Aromolaran11 of 12

Toby Aromolaran - semi professional footballer

Toby is a semi professional footballer, who plays for Hashtag United, and he could have been earning £18k.

Liberty Poole12 of 12

Liberty Poole - Nando's waitress and marketing student

As a waitress at Nando's Liberty could be earning around £18k a year.

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Hugo's body transformation comes after he left fans divided earlier this year when he rapped about his Love Island experience in a TikTok video.

In the video, which has since been viewed over 1.4million times, Hugo raps, "2022, looking back on 21, started teaching, lots of learning, it was kind of fun. Then she left me, I was feeling all alone so I signed up to that villa application on my phone. Hit the gym, something came, Mr H flew out to Spain.

"But then the summer of love turned into the summer of pain. Got the job done, flew back single, I was the same. But when I meet girls now, do they want me or just the name?"

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Some of Hugo's followers branded the video "awkward", with one joking, "When you learn poetry in year 7."

Another added, "New ick unlocked", while a third wrote, "When I say I'm cackling."

But there were others who defended Hugo and even compared him to rap icon Eminem.

One hit back and the negative comments and said, "Why does everyone hate on him, just let him be, FFS he's enjoying himself."

One more defended Hugo and even compared him to rap icon Eminem, adding, "Is there anything Hugo can't do?"

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