Love Island: Jay Younger’s family react as ‘violence’ erupts in villa

Fans witnessed Jacques O'Neill threaten to 'flatten' the bombshell in spoilers

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We've been around a while and we're used to things suddenly heating up in the Love Island villa, but not quite this fast...

Investment analyst Jay Younger, 28, entered the villa earlier this week alongside 22-year model Remi Lambert from Manchester, set to shake things up amongst our newly-settled lovebirds. And Jay especially wasted absolutely no time ruffling some feathers

Last night's Love Island preview went from zero to 100, as bombshell Jay and Gemma Owen's ex, Jacques O'Neil did their best impression of two aggy peacocks trapped in a cage.

The preview for Wednesday night's episode showed seriously tense scenes between the two bombshell bros. In the dramatic scene, Jay boasts to his fellow Islanders, "'I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here for seasonal boyfriends."

Following a discussion over careers, Jacques confidently tells Jay, "I play rugby, lad".

Lad... that's fighting talk right there.

Jay then fired shots by responding, "You're a bit small for a rugby player, no?' He's 5ft11, FYI.

Jacques, clearly irritated by the jibe, as he bit back, saying, "Oh really? If you run at me I'll flatten you, so...'

Love Island boys
The boys suss out their new competition, Jay and Remi ©ITV

The teaser has naturally got tongues wagging on social media. Will Lyburn, one of Jay's friends from Ediburgh posted a video of Jay's friends watching the clip. Will then posted the video writing, "jayyounger_ chose violence 🤣🤣".

The Story was then shared by Jay's official Instagram account, which is currently being looked after by his brother and sister, while they're brother is starting on rugby players in Majorca.

They shared the story, adding, "The boys at home Let the younger games begin ❤️‍🔥".

Jay's brother and sister also posted this meme from Jay's account...

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