Love Island’s Jessie and Will are now matching blondes and it’s giving Sharpay and Ryan

The Love Island couple are spending Christmas with Jessie's family in Australia

WIll and Jessie and Sharpay Ryan

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Anyone that reads heat magazine or heatworld will know that we are big fans of Love Island couple Will Young and Jessie Wynter because they are the 2023 fairytale we all wish we were living.

Not only did they find the love of their life on winter Love Island (which was SOMEHOW earlier this year - wtf?) – a rarity on Love Island, let's be honest – but as soon as they returned to IRL they more or less abandoned the clichéd influencer/showbiz lifestyle for a wholesome life together on Will's family farm.

WIll and Jessie winter Love Island 2023
Will and Jessie on Love Island earlier this year ©ITV

Most Islanders leave Love Island single and ride that showbiz rollercoaster over and over again until they're sick – and we're sick of them. We jest, but you get the idea; Will and Jessie chose the wholesome ride we truly respect them for that.

The couple recently announced that they would be spending the festive period with Jessie's family in Sydney (yet more wholesomeness) and as soon as they touched down in Australia they did the unthinkable; something so cutesy and wholesome that we didn't even think Will and Jessie had the capacity, but they did – they dyed their hair a matching colour. A matching Bondi blonde colour.

Platinum blonde to be precise – hence the Sharpay and Ryan reference (although less creepy, as we've remembered Sharpay and Ryan were siblings).

Will shared the transformation journey on his socials (separate videos for TikTok and Instagram 'cause pro) revealing a MUCH blonder Jessie and Will and, yeah, okay, maybe it is more Barbie and Ken, rather than Sharpay and Ryan – although if Sharpay and Ryan were real and had TikTok in 2023, they would most definitely post something as energised as this.

Will added the caption, "Being a girls girl out in Aus - matching with the girlfriend 🫶🏼" to his transformation video and we have to say the sun-kissed Aussie vibe looks good on these love birds.

Slay, queens. Their words not ours – but they do look good and those wholesomeness levels are reaching new heights.

Have blast down under, you blonde beauts.

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