Love Island fans SHOCKED at Liam Reardon’s real age

Say whaaat?

Love Island Liam Reardon age shock

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Following the shock departure of Shannon Singh after just 48 hours, Love Island shook things up once again last night with the arrival of two new boys: Liam Reardon, a bricklayer from Wales, and bucket hat entrepreneur Chuggs Wallis.

In true Love Island fashion, Liam and Chuggs were immediately thrown in at the deep end and sent on dates with two female Islanders. Despite expressing an interest in Chloe Burrows and Kaz Kamwi before entering the villa, Liam ended up a date with Faye Winter and they really seemed to hit it off.

Although their date went swimmingly, Faye, a 26-year-old lettings agent from Devon, couldn’t help but express her shock when Liam revealed his age.

Love Island Liam Reardon age shock Faye Winter date
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His deceptively rugged beard and hairy chest had us all fooled as Liam is actually one of the youngest boys in the villa at just 21 years of age. Blimey, he must have eaten his crusts when he was younger.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” a stunned Faye sighed after finding out that Liam was five years younger than her.

She added, “I've just turned 26 - you don't look 21,” to which he replied, “I get that a lot, people say I look 30.”

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Faye isn’t the only one left floored by Liam’s real age either as viewers took to social media to express their disbelief that he was only a year into his twenties.

One joked, “21? He must be born on a leap year,” while another wrote, “You’re telling me Liam is the same age as my sister? She looks 5 compared to him."

A third exclaimed, “You’re telling me this man was born in the year of 2000??!!”

One more commented, “Liam looks like dad of three but is my age mate??”

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She may have been shocked at his age, but Faye clearly a took a liking to Brad during their date and the feeling appears to be mutual. Could this be the start of a new romance?

Before entering the villa, Liam – who says he’s known as “Mr Steal Your Girl” by his friends – revealed which girls he has his eye on. He said, “I think Kaz is really good looking and has a great personality. I’m looking forward to getting to know her. And Chloe - I like her confidence and I’m intrigued to see what she’s about.”

When asked about his type on paper, Liam added, “They have to be fun, outgoing. A big thing for me is independence. I want them to want me, not need me."

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