Wait, what? Did Millie Court and Liam Reardon know each other BEFORE Love Island?

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted some major clues 👀

Love Island Millie Court Liam Reardon met before show

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We may have just seen one of the most dramatic splits in Love Island history when Toby Aromolaran dumped Chloe Burrows for bombshell Abi Rawlings, but one couple who are definitely still going strong in the villa are Millie Court and Liam Reardon.

The loved-up pair have been smitten ever since they got to know each other over a dinner date and recently enjoyed a steamy trip to the Hideaway, but eagle-eyed fans have been speculating that Millie and Liam might have known each other BEFORE the show and we’re shook.

It turns out that a quick scroll back through their social media reveals that both Millie and Liam holidayed in Ibiza around the same time in 2018 and even posted snaps of them partying at the same club in the same week.

Love Island Millie Court Liam Reardon knew each other before show

Back on 12 September 2018, Millie shared a photo of herself posing against a flower wall at O Beach Ibiza, while just days later on 17 September, Liam posted a picture of himself and a pal at the same Balearic Island hotspot.

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Sharon Gaffka1 of 22
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Sharon Gaffka Instagram name

Instagram: @sharongaffkaTwitter: SharonNJGaffkaTikTok: She's doesn't do Tik Tok, sorry babes YouTube: No YouTube either

Aaron Francis2 of 22
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Aaron Francis Instagram name

Instagram: aaronfranciisTwitter: He doesn't tweet TikTok: WE'RE OBSESSED aaronfranciisYouTube: Aaron Francis Essentials

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Liberty Poole Instagram name

Instagram: libertypoolexTwitter: Liberty__PooleTikTok: libertyamorYouTube: No YouTube, sorry honey

Hugo Hammond4 of 22
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Hugo Hammond Instagram name

Instagram: hugo_hammond_Twitter: He's not on Twitter TikTok: No TikTok either :( YouTube: Hugo LOVES mystery, no YouTube either

Shannon Singh5 of 22
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Shannon Singh Instagram name

Instagram: shannonsinghhhTwitter: No Twitter account TikTok: No TikTok either, sorry YouTube: Alexa Singh

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Jake Cornish Instagram name

Instagram: jakecornish7Twitter: Not on Twitter TikTok: No account :(YouTube: He's a water engineer, do you think he has time?

Kaz Kamwi7 of 22
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Kaz Kamwi instagram name

Instagram: kazkamwiTwitter: Despite being all over Instagram and TikTok, Kaz doesn't have a Twitter account (or we can't find it)TikTok: kazkamwiYouTube: Kaz Kamwi

Brad McClelland love island8 of 22
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Brad McClelland Instagram name

Instagram: brad_mcclellTwitter: brad_mcclellTikTok: brad_mcclelland_YouTube: No Youtube account

Chloe burrows love island instagram9 of 22
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Chloe Burrows

Instagram: chloe__burrowsTwitter: @Chloe___BurrowsTikTok: Chloe doesn't have Tik Tok YouTube: No Youtube account

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Faye Winter

Instagram: faye__winterTwitter: @MissFayeWinterTikTok: No Tik Tok YouTube: Faye doesn't do YouTube, soz

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Toby Aromolaran

Instagram: tobyaromolaranTwitter: No Twitter (that we can find)TikTok: tobyaromolaranYouTube: No YouTube

chuggs love island instagram12 of 22
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Chuggs Wallis

Instagram: chuggswallisTwitter: chuggswallisTikTok: Chuggs doesn't do Tik TokYouTube: No YouTube either

Liam Reardon instagram social media13 of 22
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Liam Reardon

Instagram: liamreardon1Twitter: _LiamReardonTikTok: Liam doesn't do Tik TokYouTube: No YouTube either, sorry babes

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Rachel Finni

Instagram: rayfinnTwitter: Rachel is very mysterious and only has Instagram TikTok: You won't find her hereYouTube: Or here

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Millie Court

Instagram: milliegracecourtTwitter: No Twitter TikTok: milliegracecourtYouTube: You won't find Millie on YouTube

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Lucinda Strafford

Instagram: lucindastraffordTwitter: She's not on Twitter, soz TikTok: lucindastraffordYouTube: No YouTube

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Teddy Soares

Instagram: teddy_soaresTwitter: No TwitterTikTok: No TikTokYouTube: No YouTube either :(

Andrea-Jane Bunker instagram love island18 of 22
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Andrea-Jane Bunker

Instagram: andreajanebunkerTwitter: @_andreajbunkerTikTok: No Tik Tok, yet YouTube: No YouTube account

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Danny Bibby

Instagram: dannybibby_Twitter: Danny doesn't tweet TikTok: No TikTokYouTube: He's not on YouTube

Georgia Townsend instagram name20 of 22
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Georgia Townend

Instagram: georgiatownend_Twitter: georgiatownend_TikTok: Georgia doesn't do Tik Tok YouTube: No YouTube either

Abigail Rawlings instagram name21 of 22
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Abigail Rawlings

Instagram: abigaillouiserawlingsTwitter: Abi doesn't tweet TikTok: abigaillouiserawlingsYouTube: She's doesn't do YouTube

Tyler Cruickshank instagram name22 of 22
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Tyler Cruickshank

Instagram: tylercruickshank_Twitter: No Twitter TikTok: No Tik TokYouTube: You guessed it, he doesn't have an account

Love Island Millie Court Liam Reardon knew each other before show

Following the shock discovery, Love Island viewers have claimed Millie and Liam’s romance was meant to be.

One TikTok user wrote, “They’re soulmates omg. They need to know this.”


A third even suggested that an onlooker in the background of Liam’s photo had an uncanny resemblance to Millie as they wrote, “It looks like Millie made an appearance in the back of his pic.”

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The latest Millie and Liam revelation comes after it was claimed Love Island bosses were forced to leave scenes from their trip to the Hideaway on the cutting room floor as they were too raunchy to be aired on TV.

An alleged TV insider told The Sun, “They romped over the bed covers and it went on for ages. The footage was quite explicit and producers were miffed because they couldn’t air any of it.

“Millie spent a long time straddling Liam and stripped off her nurse’s outfit. It meant that the footage had to be cut cleverly for broadcast and video editors had to get creative.”

However, a spokesperson for the show rubbished the claims in a statement as they insisted, “This is completely untrue."

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