Millie Court reveals Love Island secret that could have changed EVERYTHING

Just imagine how different things could have been...

Millie Court

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Love Island winners Millie Court and Liam Readron made us believe in happy endings again last summer, while Millie and Lucinda Strafford gave us friendship goals galore. But what if none if it had ever happened? What if we still feared romance was dead and were still crying into a big bag of Maltesers?

Well, according to Millie, that was very nearly the case.

Millie Court

On Instagram this week, she said, “I truly believe everything happens for a reason, little known fact for you all, I was actually supposed to walk into the villa a few days before I did”.

“But it got pushed back so that I could walk in with this one,” she captioned a pic alongside her bestie Lucinda.

We can't bear thinking about it, and nor can Millie.

She continued “I couldn’t have handled beginning my journey of [Love Island] without Lucinda by my side, I was so incredibly nervous, and she was so bubbly and confident, and she helped bring me out of my shell”.

“I also couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful she was and we created this instant bond and I knew we were going to be friends for life”.

Didn’t we all, hun.

Millie Court & Lucinda Strafford
©Millie Court

“So grateful the world brought us together, love you my little sis xxxxx”.

This all comes after Millie and Liam took the next big step in their relationship – Ikea meatballs.

Liam asked his one million followers, “Anyone else used to eat all the meatballs at school before you get to the end of the cue so you wouldn’t have to pay?”. With Millie looking shocked, Liam admitted it must just be a “Merthyr thing”.

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Love Island 2021 cast: their jobs before the show - slider

Kaz Kamwi1 of 12

Kaz Kamwi - fashion influencer

Before heading into the villa, Kaz was already an influencer (with 71k followers) and could have been earning up to £1,000 per post. So annually she could have been making £57,200.

Teddy Soares2 of 12

Teddy Soares - senior financial consultant

Teddy already had a pretty stable career before his time in the villa. He was a senior financial consultant in Manchester means he could have been earning around £42k a year.

Jake Cornish3 of 12

Jake Cornish - water engineer

OG Islander Jake was a water engineer in Weston-super-Mare before going into the villa which means he could have been making £38k a year.

Chloe Burrows4 of 12

Chloe Burrows - marketing executive in financial services

Chloe, the most iconic bombshell from Love Island 2021, was a marketing executive in financial services before going into the villa. She could have been earning £36,700 a year.

Abigail Rawlings5 of 12

Abigail Rawlings - tattoo artist

Abigail was a tattoo artist in Bournemouth before her stint on Love Island and she could have been earning £35k a year.

Tyler Cruickshank6 of 12

Tyler Cruickshank - estate agent

Bombshell Tyler was an estate agent in Croydon before going on the ITV show. Who knows whether he'll return to his job but he could have been earning around £29k a year.

Millie Court7 of 12

Millie Court - fashion buyer assistant

Millie is arguably the best dressed in the Love Island 2021 villa and that may be because of her job as a fashion buyer assistant for ASOS. At her old job in London, Millie could have been earning £26k a year.

Hugo Hammond8 of 12

Hugo Hammond - trainee PE teacher

Because Hugo only completed part of his teacher training, he wasn't actually a full-time PE teacher but nevertheless he could have still be earning £25,750 a year.

Faye Winter9 of 12

Faye Winter - lettings manager

Faye was a lettings manager in Devon and she could have been earning around £25k a year.

Liam Reardon10 of 12

Liam Reardon - bricklayer

As a bricklayer in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, Liam may have been earning £22,800 a year.

Toby Aromolaran11 of 12

Toby Aromolaran - semi professional footballer

Toby is a semi professional footballer, who plays for Hashtag United, and he could have been earning £18k.

Liberty Poole12 of 12

Liberty Poole - Nando's waitress and marketing student

As a waitress at Nando's Liberty could be earning around £18k a year.

Despite saying that they wouldn’t move in together for at least six months after winning the show in August, their respective Instagram Stories were full of photos of them shopping for their new home.

The original plan was for the women from the villa to rent one Essex house; with Liam moving from South Wales to a lads’ pad nearby to be closer to Millie.

Liam Reardon
©MIllie Court

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Liam said “We looked at two apartments today and we are looking at two more tomorrow and we will have a better idea of what we are going with”.

It’s not all plain sailing, though, as the couple shared the problems they faced finding the right towels for their new love nest. Millie’s favorites were out of stock, and Liam complained, “Who knew buying towels could be so hard?”.

The struggle is real, people.

But luckily for them (and for us) there were no arguments, as the couple shared cute photos and Boomerangs and left with a trolley full.

Millie captioned one ‘Our First home shop done’. Our hearts are melting.

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