Faye Winter reveals shocking fact about smoking in 2021 series

A designated smoking area was introduced back in 2018

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If you’re a die hard fan of Love Island, you’ll remember the first three series were full of scenes of Islanders smoking around the firepit.

However, in 2018, after a tonne of viewer complaints (quite rightly), producers made the decision to introduce a ‘smoking hut’, that is the only place contestants are allowed to light up - and they'll have to do so alone and only after asking a producer. The hut is still filmed, so no important conversations are missed.

In 2018, Jack Fincham, Laura Anderson and Dani Dyer were all revealed to have used the smoking area.

Now the 2021 series of Love Island is officially over, many viewers were left wondering if any of the Islanders were secret smokers.

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In a Instagram Q&A, Faye Winter was asked if any of her co-stars smoked, and she replied, "How funny. None of us this year.

"No one smoked - so you didn't miss out on any drama whatsoever which is cool, isn't it? Yeah, no one was a smoker."

Refreshing, right?

Before smoking was banned in the villa, contestants who smoked were given 20 cigarettes per day.

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Love Island rules - SLIDER RADIO

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Swipe through to see all of the Love Island rules....

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No getting drunk

According to 2017 contestant Kem Cetinay, contestants are allowed one small glass of wine or beer a night with dinner.Being drunk's an absolute no-no, so sex while intoxicated is obviously against the rules too.

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No masturbating

No solo sex acts are allowed in the villa, though obviously allowed to get jiggy with their partner.

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No nudity

Contestants cannot be naked in front of other islanders, since the villa is technically a public space.

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No books, phones or magazines

The islanders are given snazzy phones from their sponsor, Samsung (what else would they get their texts on?); but anyone sneaking their own mobile phone into the villa would risk being removed.Same goes for books and magazines, too.

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No inappropriate language or behaviour

This could cover homophobic, racist or aggressive language and is quite the broad rule. Inappropriate behaviour is again at producers' discretion, and would include violence and sexual harassment.

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No discriminating against staff

Any Islanders who are rude to crew could run the risk of being booted off the show, and contestants must NOT take their mic packs off unless instructed to.

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Follow the rule book

Simple. Contestants must obey the rule book they're provided with; which includes information on safe sex, consent and how to know if you're following the guidelines.

2017 star Olivia Attwood was regulary seen lighting up, but later admitted that boredom made her smoke even more.

She told Liverpool Echo, "In our series, you could literally ask for the packet of cigarettes and just smoke whenever we wanted. I know smoking is really bad and you can't encourage young people to smoke but I do kind of miss watching it.

"It really gave you that feeling of sitting around with your friends and having a gossip. At the bottom of the garden where there's white sofas, that was our smoking area and I always look at it and think about how everything when down there."

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Shaughna Phillips, who starred in the 2020 winter series, has also spoken out about the strict smoking rules, tweeting, “You try going for a fag break in there, would be easier and quicker to harvest the tobacco myself.”

Over the years, we’ve uncovered a lot of Love Island behind the scenes secrets, including the strange items that are rationed in the villa and that there’s a secret THIRD villa that is used on the day of the final.

2021 star Abigail Rawlings recently explained that contestants in the villa never know the time, but often find ways to figure it out.

She said, “We could like work out with the moon, but I just went with the flow, embraced it.

“I feel like if we did know the time, it would've f--ked with us, because we were definitely up late on certain nights."

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