There’s a secret THIRD Love Island villa you didn’t know about

In fact, there might be more than three...

love island secret villa

by Hannah Mellin |

Over the years, we’ve unearthed a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes Love Island secrets, from what the winners really get given (as well as the 50k prize), what clothes they’re allowed to wear, to whether there are cameras in the toilets. There are...

But secret villa(s) gossip could possibly top all of that...

Love Island Villa

Dumped Islander Coco Lodge recently posted a picture of her chilling poolside with what looks like a cheeky Baileys (good girl) from inside an – until now – unseen Villa. Coco referred to this Villa as "the holding Villa" - the secret Villa dumped Islanders stay in for a day or two after being booted from the show. The photo has now vanished from the internet.

This got us thinking about the other secret properties ITV2 use over Love Island's two-month production schedule summer after summer.

Let's review what we know for sure: there is a main Villa, which according to real estate guru Andrew Le Page is price tagged at around 25million EUR, there's Casa Amor and then there's some sort of holding Villa where dumped Islanders can recuperate.

Coco isn't the first Islander to spill the tea on the secret holding Villa. In 2020, iconic Islander Joanna Chimonides (Love Island Series 5) told Closer exactly what happens when you leave the show and confirmed what the legendary holding Villa is actually used for.

She confessed: "You leave and you have a chaperone - someone to stay with you.

"You get taken into another villa to get some sleep."

She added, "The good is thing when you see the press team they tell you what's been said and basically give you a heads up for when you leave."

Love Island 2019 star Amy Hart has also spoken about what goes down in the holding villa in the past, revealing, "The press team come to see you, the producers come to see you to talk about your experience.

"The support is amazing and you have a phone call with Claire who is head of welfare and she sees you as soon as you get home.

"It's a Love Island family and past Islanders have been so supportive because they know what it's like."

Now, here's where things get interesting; legendary Islander Olivia Attwood, who starred in the 2017 series, has also spoken out about a secret Villa. Along with the main villa and the Casa Amor villa, Olivia revealed that the top four couples spend their last day in a third Villa as the main one gets a makeover for the final.

Olivia told OK!, "The final day of the Villa like all the filming of the show is done, so you go to another villa nearby and you're kind of there for the day.”

"It's a completely different one to Casa Amor, a smaller one. It's basically a way to keep you out of the way."

She added, "You've kind of got the day off. You chill, you have the day together, you put music on and have a little BBQ."

The TV personality added, "Because in that time they're transforming the main Villa and putting in the stage and all the stuff they have to build. The whole Villa turns into a construction site.

"That's happening over those 24 hours.

"So that day you get ready and relax and film some pre-title stuff. Then it's the live final."

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