The strange item we never knew was RATIONED in the Love Island villa 😮

It’s not just the alcohol that’s limited

Love Island protein power rationed

by Nathan Katnoria |

The Love Island 2021 contestants really spilled the tea when it came to behind-the-scenes show secrets and we’re still living for it. The latest Islander from the 2021 series to get in on the action is fitlord Matthew McNabb, who was given the boot from the villa when Priya Gopaldas chose to couple up with Brett Staniland (not that that worked out very well for her…).

Like many of his fellow dumpees, Matt’s taken to TikTok to answer questions about his time in the villa and was recently asked by one of his followers to share “things we didn’t see on the show”.

In the video, Matt promised to give a “good one” and boy, did he deliver, as he revealed that it’s not just the alcohol that’s rationed in the villa.

Love Island protein powder rationed
matt in the love island villa ©ITV Pictures

We know that Islanders are subject to a strict two drink limit every night as Eyal Booker previously revealed to Closer, “It was very, very limited. Max two glasses of wine a night and that's max!”

But what we never would have guessed is that it’s also the same case for protein powder as Matt let slip, “Your protein powder is rationed for you for the day.”

Errm, how did we not know this before?

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Matt also revealed another jaw-dropping secret about the villa as he added, “In the toilets, there’s cameras.”

Okay, we’re shook.

Matt’s not the only dumped Islander spilling villa secrets on social media as Abigail Rawlings explained how contestants in the villa tell the time without a clock.

She said, “We could like work out with the moon, but I just went with the flow, embraced it.

“I feel like if we did know the time, it would've f--ked with us, because we were definitely up late on certain nights."

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Meanwhile, Hugo Hammond has given us what we REALLY want to know as he’s revealed how the Islanders make their famous iced coffee.

Life-changing information, tbh.

So, what goes into the Islanders’ morning cup of Joe then? Well, according to Hugo, it’s as easy as mixing two teaspoons of instant coffee with one third of a glass of boiling water and some honey before adding a few handfuls of ice and topping it up with your favourite milk (his uses soya, FYI).

It seems the key to the perfect Love Island iced coffee is the honey as Hugo admitted the Islanders like it sweet and add “a lot” of the sugary stuff to their drinks.

Right, we’re off to put the kettle on… Starbucks cups at the ready.

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