MAFS Australia series 11: which couples are still together?

From the couples who quit early on to the ones that made it work

mafs australia series 11 couples

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Each year, more and more of us tune in to get to know the Married At First Sight couples, especially the MAFS Australia lot.

From psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell, to motivational speaker Richard Sauerman, season 11 brought a whole bunch of personalities and wow, did they clash.

Though we love the drama (and we really do), it’s even better to see happy couples continuing outside of the experiment and falling in love.

After the wedding day, honeymoon, home-stays, and everything in between, many of us develop an obsession with the contestants, no matter if we believe they will work or not.

married at first sight australia cast series 11
the series 11 cast ©E4

From being on our telly every night, to suddenly not seeing them again, it can leave us desperate to find out how they’re getting on away from the cameras.

So, here’s all you need to know about this year’s couples, if they’re still together, and what their future plans are…

Spoilers ahead, obvs

Andrea and Richard

mafs andrea and richard
richard and andrea were coupled up ©E4

Andrea Thompson and Richard stole the hearts of pretty much every viewer right from the start of the season. Having a connection straight away, their relationship blossomed until week 6 of the experiment, where Andrea raised concerns about feeling disrespected by her partner. Despite moving past this bump in the road, heartbreakingly, more communication breakdowns led to the pair leaving as friends.

Cassandra and Tristan

mafs australia cassandra and tristan
cassandra and tristan were coupled up together ©E4

This original couple were backed by many in the hopes their relationship would turn into more than just friends. Tristan Black struggled to be the affectionate partner Cassandra Allen had hoped for, which led the couple to barrier after barrier during the show, including Tristan voting to leave. After staying and continuing to try with their relationship, the couple amicably decided to split, but remain fond of each other as friends.

Ellie and Ben

mafs australia ellie and ben
ellie and ben were coupled up ©E4

Following a few uncomfortable weeks (for pretty much everyone around) Ellie Dix and Ben Walters left the experiment after both voting to leave during one of the commitment ceremonies. To really put the nail in the coffin, Ben disappeared for 24 hours, bearing a ‘gift’ when he returned - a list of things he doesn’t like about his wife... like that would ever help. However, Ellie didn't leave the experiment with nothing, and she soon coupled up IRL with Jono McCullough.

Sara and Tim

mafs australia sara and tim
tim and sara were coupled up ©E4

Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell had a turbulent time on MAFS, to say the least. One minute Sara was cancelling every date her husband planned and meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, the next they were both grinning from ear to ear on the couch. Their heartwarming final vows showed the couple were still committed to each other and the relationship, however, since filming has ceased, there have been a number of reports claiming they have split, and that Tim has moved on. Sara confirmed that the pair split up for good about a month after they filmed the reunion.

Eden and Jayden

mafs eden and jayden
eden and jayden were coupled up ©E4

After that cringe confession Jayden Eynaud revealed early-on in the experiment which left Eden Harper questioning her husband, it seemed to be plain sailing for the couple. From a happy homestay to numerous successful commitment ceremonies, there was no stopping them. Although a rift came-about after Jayden confronted Eden’s friend and fellow wife Sara over her real intentions with Tim, the couple briefly returned to their loved-up ways, until they shocked fans by revealing they had split up shortly after the reunion episode aired in Australia.

Jade and Ridge

mafs australia jade and ridge
jade and ridge were coupled up ©E4

Entering the experiment later than the original couples, Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo had a ‘deece’ connection from the start. Despite concerns that Ridge was too immature for Jade and her daughter, the pair are still going strong and have spoken about building a big, happy family in the future.

Lauren and Jono

mafs australia lauren and jono
lauren and jono were coupled up ©E4

From having that argument with Jack Dunkley across the dinner table, to temporarily leaving due to a health scare, Lauren Dunn brought an uncanny amount of drama to the show. However, none of that comes close to when she found texts between her husband Jono and a fellow bride. Honestly, her final vows speech is one for the records. If you’re still in any doubt, they are most definitely not together.

Lucinda and Timothy

mafs australia lucinda and timothy
lucinda and timothy were coupled up ©E4

After a slightly wacky wedding (what with the smoke ceremony and chicken-wing waving), Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith had ups and downs throughout their MAFS journey. Despite Timothy beginning to trust and open-up to Lucinda, the lack of intimacy led to a disastrous homestay. After failing to get back on track, they both voted to leave at the final commitment ceremony, but are determined to remain friends and stay in each other’s lives.

Madeleine and Ash

mafs australia madeleine and ash
Madeline and Ash were coupled up ©E4

Honestly, it would have been more of a shock if these two were still together. Right from the off, Ash Galati was completely taken aback by Madeleine's psychic abilities (but weren’t we all?). After a honeymoon where the bride spoke to herself more than she spoke to her husband, neither of the pair were convinced they were a good match. From Madeleine voting to leave at the couple’s first commitment ceremony, unsurprisingly, their relationship festered rather than blossomed.

Michael and Stephen

mafs australia stephen and michael
michael and stephen were coupled up ©E4

From having his first match pull-out before the wedding, Michael Felix was elated to be told he was still going to get married on the show. Sadly though, that news didn't cause the same effect on Stephen Stewart, whose confidence in the relationship shrunk after believing he was ‘second-best.’ Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse for the pair, when Michael confronted Stephen about flirting with a hairdresser and they decided to call things quits. Stephen has since revealed that he now has no contact at all with Michael. Ouch.

Natalie and Collins

mafs australia nat and collins
nat and collins were coupled up ©E4

From start to finish, Collins Christian really was a unique character. However, this led to fellow couples, and even his bride, questioning who he truly was. After making Nat Parham so uncomfortable at the first dinner party that she wanted to quit the experiment, he didn't step up to her expectations when she decided to give things another go. The second chance didn't last long, and a very emotional Natalie decided to give up on him for good. In Collins’ words, ‘she made her mind up at first sight’ (potentially the best line to come out of the series).

Tori and Jack

mafs australia tori and jack
tori and jack were coupled up ©E4

Saving the most controversial, confusing, sometimes unbelievable couple ’til last, it may come as a surprise that they are still together. Jack and Tori Adams had haters from the off, with news of Jack dumping his current girlfriend just to be on the show leaking to the other contestants. No dinner party was done until Jack had an argument with another bride or groom, and the now infamous “muzzle your woman” comment still makes viewers question why Tori is still with him.

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