MAFS UK: Erica Roberts shades ex’s ‘new girl’ one month after Jordan Gayle split

Erica split from her Married At First Sight UK co-star Jordan Gayle earlier this year

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At the moment we may be caught up in the Aussie version of Married At First Sight, what with the likes of Lauren Dunn and Jayden Eynaud keeping us entertained on a daily basis, but the UK cast are still out here causing chaos.

A few months back saw the demise of Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle's relationship with a rather public spat fuelled by Jordan professing to be 'heartbroken,' and Erica ripping him apart claiming he did 'f**k all.'


Jordan and erica
Jordan and erica have split ©channel 4

Since then, Erica has posted on Instagram about going on a 'date night,' which, naturally, sent her social media followers into a melt down and now the Scottish bride has taken to TikTok to share a slightly passive aggressive video.

Admittedly, Erica did caption the TikTok with, "This is a joke before you start making assumptions."

But this is the age of social media and the world of reality TV so OBVIOUSLY everyone ignored Erica's warning and started making countless assumptions.

erica ©channel 4

The video in question featured Erica sat in the car with the message, "When he posts his new girl but he's still wearing all the stuff you got him when you were together," written across the video.

Firstly, strong relate to that statement and secondly, there is no way in hell everyone wasn't going to automatically assume Erica was referring to her MAFS UK groom, Jordan.

Erica also lip-synched to the sound bite, "Bitch, is that my sweater?"

The comments section of the TikTok looked like a furious girls group chat and we are here for it.

One follower wrote, "Yes they have no shame 😂🙈" with someone else commenting, "Girllll, my ex literally put a picture that I took of him in a tshirt I bought him in MY BED on his tinder profile 😭🤣."

The second note gained a response from Erica, who replied, "They always do 🫠🫠."

Another person didn't name Jordan but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out who the 'his' is with the below comment.

"Why are you still looking at his TikTok if you're not bothered, move on and enjoy life xxx" to which Erica immediately responded, "This isn’t about him or anyone it’s a trend my god 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣"

erica ©channel 4

Just a few moments later, Jordan took to his socials to confirm that he was very much single and in doing so cemented Erica's statement that the TikTok wasn't about him.

We do have to point out that one follower did quiz, "Have u and Jordan broke up? Xx" and all we have to say is SOMEONE needs to check out pronto.

WATCH: going to be thinking about this for the rest of the day...

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