MAFS Australia: Lauren Dunn speaks out on Jono McCullough and Ellie Dix after ‘sinister’ reunion scenes

Lauren found out her ex had coupled with Ellie during the awkward Married At First Sight Australia reunion

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In a turn of events we are pretty sure everybody saw coming, this year's season of Married At First Sight Australia was honestly one of the most insane series we have ever watched.

Yes, yes, we know we claim this every time the social experiment turned reality TV show returns to our screens, but as long as the MAFS Australia producers keep throwing people like Jack Dunkley and Collins Christian at us, we are going to keep saying it.

Another iconic contestant and fan favourite from season eleven of MAFS Australia is Lauren Dunn.

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Lauren was matched with Jono McCullough during the dating show and it was far from smooth-sailing; at first Lauren wasn't vibing with Jono but she was more than happy to give their relationship a go.

Jono? Not so much.

Despite telling Lauren he had ZERO interest in any of the other brides, including Ellie Dix, Jono was messaging said contestant behind Lauren's back.

Not the secret text messaging. It's giving Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas from last year's series; at least they didn't return to the show in a brand spanking new couple, unlike Jono and Ellie.

Jono and lauren
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The reunion episode has just aired in the UK and saw Ellie and Jono saunter in together all smiles and chipper chats, but what we really want to know is how the hell does Lauren feel about it all?

“Then when they had the support of the group, besides like Timothy [Smith] and Sara [Mesa]," she told Pedestrian TV, "So blatantly rubbing it in front of my face, I was quite embarrassed."

Ellie and jono
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"I’m annoyed because I’ve since found out that the majority of the cast knew about it and not one single person thought they should just send me a text and maybe let me know that this was happening,” she confessed.

We aren't exactly shocked that Jono wouldn't admit he was hooking up with Ellie; he wouldn't even confess what was going on to Lauren when he was confronted with the facts.

"After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together,” Lauren went on.

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"Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me. Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny."

We one hundred percent believe that Lauren was able to make her former betrothed and his new lover laugh because there is a reason she is adored by the viewing public.

"The trailer made it a little bit more sinister but we actually all end up having a good night."

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