MAFS Australia’s Sara Mesa exposes co-star she’s ‘no longer friends with’ following cheating scandal

Sara was accused of cheating on her husband Tim Calwell during the experiment


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Fans of both the UK and Aussie versions of Married at First Sight will know that there’s no beating the Australian when it comes to drama.

This year’s series was no exception, and grooms like Collins Christian and Jack Dunkley were both working overtime to ensure that this series went down in history as one of the best. Series 11 gave us the usual shocking bust-ups, disastrous honeymoons, and dramatic walk-outs as well as as a fair few cheating scandals - Jono McCullough and Ellie Dix’s secret couple swap lives in our minds rent-free.

Another cheating scandal from this season surrounded Sara Mesa, who at a particularly explosive dinner party was accused of cheating on her then ‘husband’, hunky Tim Calwell, by fellow bride, Eden Harper.

Sara and Tim MAFS Australia
Tim and Sara at a tense commitment ceremony (Remastered screengrab) ©Channel 4

While Sara denied ever cheating on her partner at the dinner party, she did later admit that she had emotionally cheated on Tim with her ex-boyfriend of six years while they were filming the experiment.

She later confessed in a radio interview, “It’s definitely an emotional cheat. I definitely take on board that what I did was wrong… I think one of my major regrets was not being more apologetic and not consoling Tim right then and there.

“I think at that moment, my heart came out of my ass a little and I was like, ‘Holy crap, I’m on national television. Everyone’s going to think I’m a cheater, and I didn’t cheat.’"

Sara and Tim MAFS
Sara and Tim at their sixth dinner party ©Channel 4

Naturally, while this dinner party made for incredible telly, it also led to the eventual breakdown of Sara and Tim’s ‘marriage.’ Fans also wondered whether it drove a wedge between Sara and Eden’s once-close friendship after Eden, who has since split from her ‘husband’ Jay Eynaud, was the one who gave Sara an ultimatum over telling Tim the truth.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Sara thankfully put the speculation to bed. One fan asked, ‘Did you and Eden fall out after she told Tim the whole ex situation? She seems so sweet’.

Eden and Jayden MAFS
Eden and her husband Jayden ©Channel 4

Sara didn’t exactly hold back with her reply. In response to the question, she wrote, “Yes, Eden and I are no longer friends.

“I really did cherish our friendship at the beginning. As someone who doesn’t have family in Australia, my friends become like family. I tend to trust people easily when I feel a connection! I only knew Eden a short time but I felt closer to her. She may not say the same but everyone is entitles to feel how they want. I have no hard feelings for Eden.”

While Sara has shut the door on both Eden and Tim (we could never, just look at him), based on her Insta the nutritionist is clearly thriving post-MAFS.

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