Married At First Sight groom parties with ‘TROUBLE’ TOWIE star after quitting the show

He was matched with Porscha on the dating show


by Emily Vierke |
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What in the name of the reality TV multiverse was in the waters last night?

Married At First Sight brides and grooms dancing with TOWIE stars, Love Island contestants taking selfies with Made in Chelsea girlies; it was some sort of structured reality TV fever dream.

If you are a person who has starred in any of the telly shows named above and were NOT invited to the Pretty Little Thing anniversary party, we hate to break it to you, but perhaps you're not as 'reality TV' as you need to be.

Two people who WERE guests at the pretty and pink event and even ended up hanging out are TOWIE's goddess of gossip Saffron Lempriere and DJ turned MAFS UK groom Terence Edwards and is it just us or do you kind of ship it?

Saff was with terence ©itv - lime pictures

Terence, who took part in this year's series of the social experiment turned dating show was posting a video on his Instagram story and who should be waiting behind him? None other than Saff.

In classic Saffron style, she leant on Terence's shoulder as he recorded a video and demanded with a grin, "why are you in front of me in the queue?"

The MAFS groom is used to some sass, he was, of course, matched with Porscha Pernelle during his stint on the romance reality TV show and they spent the majority of the time rowing before leaving before the season had ended.

terence was on mafs ©channel 4

Saffron and Terence shared a flirty li'l interaction as Terence joked, "Why she causing trouble for?" before asking, "Who's got the best TV show?"

It took Saff exactly 0.00002 seconds to reply, "ME."

The couple were later joined by Safiyya Vorajee and Terence captioned the story with an equally as flirty comment.

"These two 🤗❤️ @saffronlempriere_x @miss_safiyya_ even though Saffron is trouble😂😝."


Correct us if we're wrong but the emojis Terence used, Saffron leaning on his shoulder, the flirty banter - flatter if you will - scream more than just pals.

We feel like Terence would be an iconic addition to the world of TOWIE; him and Saffron would be absolute menaces going around winding everyone up and embellishing whatever gossip they have just been told.


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