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Best Squid Games gifts and merch

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Binge-watched your way through Netflix's most popular show ever? It's time to get a slice of the action with the best Squid Game gifts.

If you haven't tuned in already, the South Korean series follows contestants who are so desperate for money they compete in deadly children's games to win a cash prize.

The internet has obviously blown-up with it's own theories about the fictional games being rigged and workers being previous winners, which is keeping fans guessing.

Not to mention a whole host of Squid Game memes that will have you laughing for days.

But, what do you buy a Squid Game fan? With only talks about a 'real life Squid Game' coming to the UK, the only hope to get closer to the drama is the best gifts that will impress wannabe players.

Oh, and of course, now that the spooky season is over and Squid Game costumes that were made for Halloween have been tucked away in the back of the cupboard, we can concentrate on party games and merch inspired by the blockbuster show.

The best Squid Game gifts 2021

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Squid Game Sweater1 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Etsy

Squid Game Sweater

How cute is this Squid Game inspired sweatshirt? Ngl, we're fully on board with the hype.

Squid Game Alarm Clock2 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

Squid Game Alarm Clock

Aside from the fact that this alarm clock is truly terrifying, we're obsessed with the fact that when it reaches the time you have set, the clock will turn to the bed and bellow sound effects from the show to wake you up.

Squid Game Game Play Sweatshirt3 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Zavvi

Squid Game Game Play Sweatshirt

This cool sweater from Zavvi has all your favourite Squid Game games illustrated on it. From tug of war to the 'glass bridge game', this merch is everything.

'Its Time to Play' Squid Games Themed Knitted Christmas Jumper4 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

'Its Time to Play' Squid Games Themed Knitted Christmas Jumper

Squid Game, but make it festive... This ladies novelty knitted Christmas jumper is about to cause a scene in the office or your family party.

Fidget Toy Shoulder Bag5 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

Fidget Toy Shoulder Bag

A Squid Game, fidget toy shoulder bag is a crossover we never saw happening. Fans of the show can use this to relieve anxiety and stress or restore their mood.

Squid Game Ali 199 Funko Pop! Vinyl6 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Zavvi

Squid Game Ali 199 Funko Pop! Vinyl

If you're team Ali, who entered the Squid Game in order to make money to support his wife and son, then you're going to love this Funko Pop! Vinyl. Plus, it'll make a fantastic Secret Santa present.

Squid Game-Inspired Fidget Christmas Advent Calendar7 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Wowcher

Squid Game-Inspired Fidget Christmas Advent Calendar

Yes, a Squid Game-inspired advent calendar really does exist. Behind every door you'll find fidget toys inspired by characters and games in the show, like the creepy 'Red Light, Green Light' doll.

12Pcs/Set Biscuits Sugar Set8 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

12Pcs/Set Biscuits Sugar Set

The dalgona candy game (aka the honeycomb challenge) saw contestants scratching out toffee candy around a shape, without breaking the whole thing. Do you think you'd nail this challenge? Use these biscuit moulds and set yourself ten minutes to complete it.

Ddakji SQUID GAME9 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: eBay


Ddakji, a traditional South Korean game is played by trying to flip over your opponent's card. This set comes with an invitation card, a blue battle card and a red battle card.

Squid Game Coloring Book10 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

Squid Game Coloring Book

Put your colouring skills to the test and make sure to stay in the lines. Best thing about it? You get to bring to life some of your favourite scenes from this Netflix series.

Squid Game Marbles11 of 12

Squid Game Marbles

Play a game of marbles with your 'Gganbu', but without the deadly consequences. This set features ten matching marbles, a drawstring bag and a Squid Game card.

Squid Game Keychain12 of 12
CREDIT: Photo: Amazon

Squid Game Keychain

Perfect for a Christmas stocking, these Squid Game guard keyrings are off the chain. In this set, you'll find three options: triangles, squares and circles - a circle for the worker, a triangle for the soldier and a square for the manager.

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Will there be a season two of Squid Game?

Speculation has been swirling around the internet around whether or not Netflix's most-viewed series ever is set to have a sequel. As it stands, there hasn't been any formal announcements of a second season (boo), but we're hoping that it isn't the last time we see Seong Gi-hun play a series of deadly children's games.

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