21 thoughtful gifts for charitable, eco-conscious friends

Here's what your earth-loving bestie REALLY wants...

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by Ruby Barry |

We all know someone who insists they don't want anything for Christmas. They're all about sustainability, saving the planet and doing good - and we love them for it. But let's face it, we all know that deep down their lovely eco-conscious self won't say no to a generous gift - as much as they insist otherwise. Because at the end of the day, they deserve a lil' present for caring so much about our planet.

So, what do you buy for the friend that is all about that zero-waste, vegan, recycled materials and absolutely no plastic life?

We've got you covered with our ultimate conscious gift guide. We cover everything your ethical bestie REALLY wants to open on Christmas Day from charitable gifts to the best gym wear made from recycled fabrics.

Our eco-queen Greta Thunberg would defo approve...

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Thoughtful gifts for charitable, eco-conscious friends

Organic Herbal Tea Kit – Grow Your Own
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CREDIT: friendly turtle

Three great things about this grow-your-own-herbal-tea-kit: it's sustainably made and plastic free, it's made in the UK, and it is made by The Little Allotment Company- a women-owned brand. Grow seeds to make your very own lemon balm, chamomule or peppermint tea.

Coconut Bowls & Spoons • Handmade Organic Coco Shells + Bamboo Straw
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CREDIT: etsy

Feel totally Tarzan with these handmade bowls made from reclaimed coconuts- which are just stunning. Buying this for yourself or a eco-conscious friend will help provide income to the Bên Tre farmers in Southern Vietnam, where these beautiful bowls are made.

Smelling Bee-utiful Wax Melt Burner Gift Set
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CREDIT: friendly turtle

Buying eco-friendly candles and wax melts is super easy with the wonderful ingredient called soy. Hallelujah for the soy. This set comes with a pretty wax melter burner, as well as honey and heather fragranced soy wax melts.

Honeystreet Handmade Heart Bath Bomb - Eastern Dream
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CREDIT: ethical superstore

This is a super affordable gift to surprise someone with, and is made with all-natural and Fairtrade ingredients. Our vegan and veggie friends will love them. After all, who doesn't love a bath bomb?

Shared Earth Cotton Shoulder Tote Bag - Panda
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CREDIT: barnados

We are in love with Barnados adorable tote bags, in various animal designs. All the profits from your purchase go towards helping Ukraine refugees in the current crisis overseas.

If Red Pandas aren't your vibe (can't relate) they also have other animal designs, such as a ring-tail lemur, elephant, sloth or orangutan.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Floral Illustrated 2023 Wall Calendar
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CREDIT: ethical superstore

With 11% of the contribution of the publisher's sales going towards the Royal Botanic Gardens, your shopping can help support the prettiest garden in the world. And the art is absolutely stunning.

F**k Plastic: 101 Ways To Free Yourself From Plastic and Save The World
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CREDIT: Amazon

If the thought of 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans is keeping your pal up at night, this book of over 100 tips will provide them with easy ways to help join the war on plastic. Once armed with this knowledge, they'll be one step closer to becoming Greta.

Seoulista Beauty® Magic Cleanse™ 3 Pack
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CREDIT: amazon

Single-use makeup wipes take 100 years to decompose, so it's high time we all switch up our skincare routine. The award-winning, reusable Magic Cleanse tool from Seoulista helps to lift and remove dirt, oil, and makeup by just adding water. Less waste, no harsh chemicals, just cleansing.

Racer Strap Sports Bra
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Look no further than TALA for sustainable, gym-bunny gifting. The new collection, SkinLuxe, is made using 76% recycled Nylon and 24% Lycra Sport, giving the lightweight fabrics a buttery-smooth feel, while being good to the planet.

Little Box Of Love | Original Pamper Hamper
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CREDIT: go ethical

With tons of handmade and sustainably sourced goodies, this Little Box Of Love is certainly just that. As well as being made up of recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or compostable packaging, your purchase also supports the Surfers Against Sewage charity. This charity fights for marine conservation and raising plastic pollution awareness.

What can you expect from this magical box? Think chocolates, candles, bath salts, soaps, scrubs, teas and more.

David Attenborough A Life on Our Planet Book
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If your friend was glued to Attenborough's Netflix documentary, they'll want his book, too. It's printed on certified paper, using AZO-free inks and no plastic packaging, plus 100% of WWF profits. A win-win.

Pink Clay & Rosehip Soap
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CREDIT: By Frankie

By Frankie is a small independent brand, which produces handmade soaps with all-natural ingredients, so they're not only kind to your skin, but the planet, too. Plus, they're delivered in compostable packaging - perfect for vegan, eco-conscious friends.

Upcycled Tote Bag
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Pri Pri creates a collection of colourful accessories upcycled from Indian saris and handmade by a charity in India supporting women's empowerment. We love its selection of tote bags that would make a perfect gift.

Sea Change Wine
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CREDIT: lisa angel

Sea Change is a fantastic eco-conscious wine brand. They have an extensive range of different wines, each bottle is linked to a different ocean charity, which is reflected in the bottle label design. Perfect for wine and ocean lovers alike!

Reloved Bette Faux Fur Coat Black
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CREDIT: issy london

A beautiful, sleek, and incredibly comfortable faux fur coat. Issy London is an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brand, and each product is made from recycled polyester fibres. By using polyester fibres, the company reduces the need for new petroleum extraction, therefore reducing its carbon footprint.

So you can be comfortable, look gorgeous, and help the planet all in one, it's a win-win. We admit this present may be more for you than a friend, but why shouldn't you treat yourself this Christmas?

Eco Friendly Cleaning Hamper
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Ok so cleaning products may not be on everyone's wish list, but how cute is this plastic-free gift set?

Centrepoint Christmas Gift Sets
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CREDIT: Centrepoint

Do some good with your Christmas gift this year. Centrepoint is a leading youth homeless charity, and it's asking for your support to make a real difference with a life-changing 'gift' to a young homeless person. From basic toiletries, a health check, new clothes or a bed, any donation small or large makes every bit of difference to their lives.

We think the gift of More Than a Counselling Session for just £20 is a life-changing gift. By buying a counselling session for a young person, you are giving them the support they need to recover from their experiences and leave homelessness behind for good.

NAUSENI's luxury slippers
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Ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nepal using 100% natural wool, NAUSENI's luxury slippers keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. NAUSENI was first founded as a social initiative in response to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake to empower women and support rebuilding efforts by providing skill development and income-generating opportunities.

Their handmade, all-natural, sustainable slippers are British-designed with a modern, minimalist look and take their inspiration from the rich cultural heritage and dramatic natural landscape of Nepal.

Bloom Print Floral Hair Scrunchie
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CREDIT: Newt London

Made in the UK from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste, these gorgeous scrunchies from sustainable fashion brand Newt London will make a brilliant gift.

The Hidden Sea Sauvignon Blanc
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CREDIT: The Hidden Sea

The Hidden Sea actively removes 10 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle sold, aiming to remove one billion bottles by 2030. The brand has already made a huge splash with UK eco-warriors who love wine!

FOAMIE Christmas Gift Sets
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FOAMIE is a new range of face, hair and body care bars that are 100 per cent plastic-free, soap-free, vegan, cruelty-free and free from any nasties.

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