Primark issues update about prices when stores reopen

One week to go, huns

Primark opening again

by Carl Smith |

Call us predictable, call us pathetic; but Monday June 15th 2020 is obnoxiously marked in our diaries with pink glittery gel pen. Why? Because SHOPS ARE FINALLY OPENING AGAIN.

And, let's be honest; by 'shops' we specifically mean Primark.

Yep - as a slight glimmer of normality returns amid the coronavirus pandemic, we're already waking up in a cold sweat over the excitement and anticipation of standing in that oh-so-familiar queue. And that's something we never thought we'd say.

So what's the situation with, y'know, a sale to get the economy growing again? Will Primark be slashing prices across their stores?

Er, not so much.

Speaking to Reuters, Primark's finance chief John Bason explained: "What we will do, because we've got the financial wherewithal, we'll carry it through to next year.

"We are not doing a fire sale. Customers can look forward to our normal prices offering everyday value."

The store's owner, Associated British Foods, announced the news of branches reopening recently. Confirming safety measures will be in place, they said: "As European governments have begun to ease restrictions on clothing retailing we have been able to reopen stores."

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They continued: "Safety has been our highest priority in our detailed preparations to welcome our customers and employees back to stores. We are following government safety advice in all markets.

"Importantly, we will apply the valuable experience gained from more than 100 stores which are already open as we open the remainder of our estate, including stores across the UK.

"Social distancing protocols, hand sanitiser stations, perspex screens at tills and additional cleaning of high frequency touch points in the store are among the measures we are implementing."

Yes, we're consumers. No, we're not sorry about it. GET US IN THAT QUEUE.

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