RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Ella Vaday’s controversial celeb fan she’s BLOCKED

The Drag Race UK season three finalist laid down the law with one famous face

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If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (and honestly, who isn’t?) then you’ll recognise Ella Vaday as the series three finalist who does an uncanny impression of Nigella Lawson, can hold a note or two and is an all-round fierce queen.

Ella, who refers to herself as the Drag Beast from Dagenham East, is also besties with fellow series three star Kitty Scott-Claus and, ahead of their Christmas Cracker tour, we caught up with the hilarious pair to spill their Drag Race UK secrets.

As well as revealing what they stole from set and who got told off the most behind-the-scenes, Ella let slip her secret celebrity beef as she spilled some scalding hot tea on the famous face she BLOCKED when they tried to follow her on social media.

The pair were chatting about their celebrity admirers when Ella said, “Liz Truss follows me. Big fan.”

Kitty replied, “Does she actually? I wouldn’t brag about that one, babe,” to which Ella admitted, “Of course she doesn’t! I blocked her, she tried.”

OUCH. That had to hurt more than being booted out of Downing Street.

As for Kitty, her celeb fans were slightly (okay, a lot more) glam. She said, “I didn’t realise that Leigh-Anne [Pinnock] from Little Mix followed me until the other day and I was like, ‘Oh my god, as if!’ and then I was like, ‘We met her on Drag Race’, but still, that blows my mind.”

Kitty continued, “I’ve had some good ones. Like Dawn French followed me on Twitter and that was mad. I was like, “Whaaaat?’ Who else? Lily James! Cinderella. Oh my god, I love her.”

Kitty & Ella’s Christmas Cracker tour kicks off in Glasgow on Sunday 11 December.

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